The Much-Needed Preparation Checklist For A Proposal

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At some point in your relationship, you’d reach the point wherein you’d want to move to the next chapter. For many couples, the next stage of a relationship usually means marriage. But before you can have your relationship be recognised by the law, most couples would anticipate the proposal!

To make this long-awaited moment run as smoothly as possible, we’ve gathered 4 tidbits to consider when putting your romantic plan into action.

1. Ensure That You’re On The Same Page

When dealing with matters that will significantly affect one’s life, nobody appreciates being taken by surprise. Marital union is a juncture that is guaranteed to change the trajectory of not just your relationship, but yours and your partner’s lives as a whole. Issues such as housing, careers and children are just some of the topics you’d need to discuss. Marriage doesn’t just encompass love between two individuals, but also the promises of commitment and dedication you’d display and practice for next few decades.

Thus, you’ll need to ensure that both you and your partner have come to the same conclusion with regards to marriage. The last thing you’d want is a hesitant “yes” or a resolute “no”.

2. Have The Talk With Their Parents

Whilst you and your partner are the main stars in this union, remember that you’re also marrying her family. As a sign of respect and courtesy, you’d want to bring up the topic of marriage with your partner’s family members, specifically their parents.

You may also consider enlisting their help for the proposal plan, especially if you’ve planned it to be a surprise. If you’re shopping for the ring, you can ask them about your partner’s preferences for diamond engagement rings and details of their dream proposal, amongst other things. They’re your cheat codes for your proposal planning, after all, they would want the best for both of you – so don’t be shy to ask for help!

3. Buying The Diamond

A proposal is never complete without the engagement ring. The engagement ring is more than just a jewellery item, it’s symbolic of the lifetime commitment you’ve promised in the upcoming years. Due to its significance, you’ll want to get a sense of what she’ll like. You can start by asking her family members or close friends, or simply take notice of the types of jewellery she often wears.

Another avail approach is to deduce her preference from her personal beliefs! Now that consumers are starting to be more receptive to sustainability models of consumption, they are more particular about the origins, procurement, process and development of a product. This conscious consumption movement has pushed many industries to also adopt a more sustainable approach in their business.

In response to the change in consumer behaviour and demand, another player came into the picture: lab grown diamonds.

Diamond seeds are first procured and placed in a lab environment that mimic the geological conditions that support the growth of a diamond. These diamonds are chemically, physically and optically identical to a mined diamond. Each lab grown diamond have their own set of qualities that settle within the 4C diamond spectrum, and no two lab grown diamonds are the same.

Quick tip: If you’re shopping for a ring to propose and surprise your partner, ensure that you pick out a ring that’s a size bigger. Should you need it, this would make resizing easier to fit her finger better.

4. Planning The Day To Propose

Once you’ve got the ring, it’s finally time to plan for your proposal. Even if you and your partner had shopped for the diamond ring together, this is where you can pull off the element of surprise!

The type of proposal is highly dependant on the kind of person your she is. If she values her privacy, chances are, she won’t appreciate a proposal out in public. If your partner loves being in the moment and more of a grand gesture, then perhaps a dinner for two in a quaint restaurant may be deemed as rather lacklustre and even lacking.

For a full-proof method, you can bank on sentimentality. Opt for a place that means something to both of you and ease yourself into the act. Perhaps start by reminiscing your first few days of courtship, what that place meant to you and your dreams you have for each other, before dropping down on one knee to finally asking the big question, “Will you marry me?”. It’ll be such a romantic and touching affair – your partner may even shed a tear or two.

Final thoughts

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