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Get more for less with Star Carat Shop’s beautiful selection of lab grown diamonds in Singapore. Every piece of diamond jewellery is of a minimum weight of 1 carat and comes with an international certificate from one of the world’s leading gemological grading laboratories.

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At Star Carat Shop, our purpose is to provide you with a choice to own a bigger lab grown diamond you never thought you could afford. Looking for your ideal ring without the high price tag? Anyone and everyone can now shine brighter. Couples can find their dream engagement ring at a price that fits their budget.


Nonetheless, when it comes to making that decision on what type of diamond to buy and the costs involved, we understand that you may be at a crossroads. Whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring or a gift for a loved one, we have prepared some quick tips on how to make a more informed, cost-effective purchase.

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💍10.10.19 #shesaidyes

A significant number, a memorable vacay, a special day for the 2 of us. She was 19, I was 22. Through these 6 years, the experiences and adventures we have spent together, have been deeply etched in our memories. Fast forward to present, this day serves no exception. The moment you said yes when i presented you with this ring, was undoubtedly the happiest day of my life. From this day on, we shall continue to build memories.
With Love, Jayden.

- Lynn & Jayden

"My happy pill. My lifeline. My confidant."

You have and will always be my centre of the universe. Can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you, doing crazy stuff and building our home and family together.

- Steve & Chloe

"While in #ChiangMai, this happened."

This is the sweetest gift you’ve given me, but what really tugged at my heartstrings, is your unwavering support and love. My love, my seoulmate, Saranghae 사랑해.

- Bryan & Angie

"A quiet home-cooked dinner to celebrate this special occasion of ours"

Thank you for loving me, and springing this shiny surprise, Nic. I am truly blessed to have you on this journey since we met. My love for you is immeasureable.

- Lynsay & Nic

"The 'Perfect' Proposal"

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favourite song
(credit: Ed Sheeran – Perfect)
When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath
But you heard it, darling, you look perfect, not just tonight, but every day in my eyes.I love you, Jo. ❤

- Timonthy & Josephine

"Thanks for letting me pop the question first."

You’ve always been ahead of me in everything. In obtaining your diploma, your first job, your first promotion and even mastering our all-time favourite shepherd’s pie. No way am I letting you beat me to popping the question. And here’s to our many firsts from this day forward.

- Elizabeth & Rick

"Loving this bling as much as I am loving this surprise proposal."

An unforgettable and totally unexpected yet understated proposal. Thank you for loving me, and an even bigger thank you for being my partner in crime all this while and moving forth.

- Fanny & Gabriel

"Wrestling our way to life's greatest thrills."

I said yes, and that means, you’ve promised me a lifetime of adventures and adrenaline rush. Let our pact begin.

- Jun Chen & Elaine

"Happy Engageaversary to us 💍"

5 years of courtship, 3 years of marriage. Despite both of us to put up with each other, and still learning. We can’t deny that sparks are still flying, between us. Awww.. Here’s a little sparkly to mark our 8 years together. Cheers!

- Wei Lin & Mike

"A ring that speaks of our past 8 years"

Our present ‘Yes’ moment and our future filled with our 3 playful and lovely yorkshire terriers. Memories are made of this, and looking forward to creating many many more together.

- Samantha & Joel

"Camera shy, but not my ring."

I don’t usually flaunt material things but this is beyond material. This is a symbol of our love story, and building many more stories together. You’ve got the bling right. Noting too big, nothing too shy, just cause you know me inside out. Counting down to 206 days to becoming your Mrs. For now, I am basking in joy, and enjoying every bit of it.

- Kimberley & Brandon