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Your Diamond Concierge

Throughout your journey in finding your one-of-a-kind diamond, you will be supported by a member of Star Carat Shop Concierge Team

Our Diamonds

Get more for less with Star Carat Shop’s beautiful selection of lab grown diamonds in Singapore. Every piece of diamond jewellery is of a minimum weight of 1 carat and comes with an international certificate from one of the world’s leading gemological grading laboratories.

More about Lab-Grown Diamonds
How To Shop

At Star Carat Shop, our purpose is to provide you with a choice to own a bigger lab grown diamond you never thought you could afford. Looking for your ideal ring without the high price tag? Anyone and everyone can now shine brighter. Couples can find their dream engagement ring at a price that fits their budget.


Nonetheless, when it comes to making that decision on what type of diamond to buy and the costs involved, we understand that you may be at a crossroads. Whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring or a gift for a loved one, we have prepared some quick tips on how to make a more informed, cost-effective purchase.

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