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We offer a one-time complimentary +/- 3 ring sizes resizing at the point of purchase. For resizing more than 3 ring sizes, a $30 fee applies. Do note that not all rings can be resized as there may be a size restriction that falls out of the recommended range, or the design may not be suited for a change in size.

Yes. Lab grown diamonds are not fake diamonds. They are 100% carbon and have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as mined diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are not the same as diamond simulants such as cubic zirconia (cz), moissanite, or a cz with a diamond-like carbon coating. CZs contain zero diamond and are non-precious. The difference between a diamond and a diamond simulant is apparent through a trained and many a times, untrained eye.

Both lab grown diamond and mined diamonds are beautiful, it ultimately depends on which you are most comfortable with. Lab grown diamonds allow you to maximise your budget, giving you more than two times larger in carat weight for the same cost. Mined diamonds, on the other hand, are miraculous creation of Mother Nature.

Lab grown diamonds are created in a lab. Using science and technology, they are grown from a carbon seed to a fully-formed diamond.

Both diamonds offer identical optical and chemical composition. The only difference is their origins. One is mined from the earth, while another is created in a lab.

The quality of a lab grown or mined diamonds lies in the 4 C’s of the diamonds. Neither is inherently of a higher quality. It boils down to the cut, colour and clarity of the diamond.

Starting with a diamond seed, there are two processes, namely high pressure high temperature or chemical vapour deposition that replicates the same growth conditions of a mined diamond under the ground that enables the growth of a lab grown diamond.

It takes an average of 14 – 30 days to grow a one carat lab diamond. There is, however, a speed limit to how fast a lab diamond can be created. A fracture of the diamond crystal may result if it’s grown too fast.

No. Lab diamonds are grown by recreating the conditions of mined diamonds, as a result, lab diamonds have the same variations of colour and clarity that exist in mined diamonds. That said, the average lab grown diamonds are of better quality than the average mined diamond. However, lab diamonds still range across the colour and clarity spectrum. Star Carat Shop chooses to offer diamonds that are D – J in colour and F – SI in clarity.

Yes, all Star Carat Shop diamonds are graded to the same standards as mined diamonds. Every piece of lab grown diamond is accompanied with an independent diamond report detailing the 4 C’s – cut, colour, clarity and carat weight by an internationally recognised laboratory.

Lab grown diamonds have the same optical, physical and chemical properties to mined diamonds. Be it untrained or trained, they cannot be distinguished even with a professional loupe.

We purchase from some of the world’s best distributors where we can, in turn, offer customers a wider spectrum of sizes and prices.