Proposal Planning: How To Find Out Their Ring Size Secretly

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Proposals are as anxiety-inducing as they are exciting. The prospect of starting a new chapter with the love of your life brings about a type of happiness and thrill that not many milestones can.

As you stress over the proposal, there is a small detail that you cannot afford to miss: the engagement ring. A proposal without an engagement ring is almost blasphemous; thus, it’s important that you get it right. Not only in terms its design, but you also need to make sure that the ring actually fits!

In comes the conundrum: you wish to surprise your partner with a proposal but how do you surprise an engagement ring? How do you go about getting a brilliant engagement ring in their size without them noticing? Fortunately, we’ve got all the answers that you need!

Be subtle about it

This goes without saying but is it truly a surprise if you’re not inconspicuous and subtle? If you’re adamant to finding their ring size directly from the source – which is the most fool-proof method, no doubt – then you will need to ask your partner subtly. This usually requires a dash of white lies and a little bit of manoeuvring around conversations.

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Pretend that your next birthday present you wish to buy for your mother is a classic diamond ring and you need their opinions. A trick to evade any suspicion on their part is to start with the safest option: the traditional solitaire. Before you start bringing up rings with elaborate designs, you may want to hint at rings such as Star Carat Classic Diamond Ring. These timeless classics are suitable for any occasion, and thus will not be weird as a birthday gift.

Not only will you have an insight on what they might like – take note that they might also have your mother’s preference in mind – but you can also casually ask their ring size for reference.

This method needs you to be a good liar (all for the right reasons!) with a set of quick comebacks. Shifty eyes and sweating have no place in this approach! Before you go with the plan, ensure that your white lie has no loopholes. If your partner is sharp enough, you’d need to come up with comebacks lest they catch on and put two and two together. It’s an approach that’s not meant for the faint-hearted, and you might even feel guilty about it afterwards. You can always come clean after the proposal, and it’ll be another one of those endearing tales to remember fondly by.

Use one of her rings

Unlike the previous approach, this method doesn’t require you to be on your toes. All you need to do is acquire one of their rings.

Whilst it’s less nerve-wracking compared to the first approach, you need to be quick and careful. Ensure that the borrowed ring is not one that’s their favourite, lest they’ll spend time trying to find a ring that has been with you all along. Be quick and put it back in their collection once you’ve brought it to your jewellery consultant.

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Another method you can adopt, which is significantly faster, is to trace it on a piece of paper! Draw a circle on the inside and outside of the ring a few times and ensure the traces look consistent with the actual ring. Bring the trace to your jewellery consultant and they are able to figure the diameter of the ring accordingly. If you are opting for more than one diamond on the ring, opt for our Star Carat Classic Eternity Diamond which is simple and elegant despite featuring 7 diamonds. More bling for the finger!

Measure and gauge using other methods

If you can’t get a hold of their ring accessories, you may want to only opt this if you have run out of options. Try to compare your fingers when you’re holding hands. Compare their ring finger to your fingers and see which one is the closest in terms of size. Measure that specific finger of yours, so you can have an estimate of their true ring size.

Alternatively, throwing in a bit of romance always works. Tie a string to both your ring fingers, and read a poem or love letter to profess your love to them. This act can be seen as a symbol of your commitment, and becomes enough of a distraction for them not to question the use of the string. Carefully slip it away from the ring finger once done and keep it with the knot on to show it to your jewellery consultant.

Get their friend’s assistance

You might have better chances with this method if you wish to evade suspicions. Unless their friends already have this insight, they can be the one to ask your partner nonchalantly. Instead of you, their friend has to be the subtle one, so find one who is not only tight-lipped, but one who can also act!

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Better yet, ask a friend who’s about to get engaged. When shopping for their diamond engagement ring, they can also persuade your partner to try on a ring, from the classic solitaire to something more ostentatious such as the Star Carat Resplendent Diamond Ring. Furthermore, they can ask your partner their ring preferences. Have them report back to you and this hushed operation is halfway completed.

Ask them directly

The best method approach has to be one that’s the most straightforward. Get rid all the anxiety and secrets by asking them upfront. This is especially for those who already had that marriage talk for quite some time. Bring them to a jewellery atelier and have them try on the rings.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t negate the surprise! Unless you’ve told them when and how you’d propose – which defeats the purpose of a surprise proposal – your partner most likely doesn’t know your plan. You can still sweep them off their feet!

Things to consider

The best approach is to have them try the rings directly but should you wish to completely surprise them with the proposal, the other methods present a good approximation. However, they also possess the risk of being slightly off. We recommend always getting a ring that’s one size bigger and adjusting from there.

Another thing to consider is the ring bands. Wider rings tend to have a tighter fit than thinner bands; thus, if you’re going to bring a physical model of her ring size, ensure that their widths are exact. Remember to measure their finger in the evening, when their finger is warm and has expanded.

Otherwise, don’t fret too much! Don’t let the stress of getting the ring size right spoil your proposal. The ring can be resized after the proposal. Discuss with your jewellery consultant and take note of the free resize period to engage in this service.

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