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Apart from the act itself, one of the stressful parts about a proposal is finding a beautiful engagement ring befitting of the love you share with your partner and the commitment you promise to exercise in the future.

However, the visual aesthetic is just one out of the two attributes you’d need to consider when buying a ring. The other being the ring size. After all, it would dampen the mood and ruin the perfect moment if you’re struggling to slide the ring on your partner’s finger.

To save you from experiencing that trouble, we’ve gathered all the tips and tricks to not only get you the perfect ring measurement, but also ways to keep the proposal a surprise!

What Does ‘The Perfect Fit’ Means

When buying a ring, most consumers aren’t quite sure what to look out for when finding the perfect fit. Apart from sitting on your finger comfortably, what exactly should you keep your eyes open for?

Firstly, the ring needs to be snug enough to prevent it from slipping off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle whenever you wish. If the size of the base of the finger and the knuckle differs, you’d want to settle on a ring size that sits between the two.

As a rule of thumb, the wider the ring, the tighter the fit. For rings that are 5mm+ in width, you may want to consider going a half size up. If you’re opting for a Comfort Fit, however, you will want to choose the smaller size if you’re in between sizes. Of course, it wouldn’t work the same way if you have large knuckles and if that were the case, you’d need to go half a size up. Most people tend to find having a ring that’s a half size or less can still rest comfortably on the finger.

Always take note that the fit of the ring is highly dependent on the type of fit (comfort fit or standard fit) and the size of your base and your knuckles. Furthermore, do keep in mind that your finger size is also dependent on other facts, such as diet, lifestyle and temperature, amongst many other things. Thus, the way your ring rests on your finger will fluctuate over the course of a day.

How To Measure The Ring Size At Home

Finding out your partner’s ring size can be rather tricky, especially if the proposal was intended to be a surprise.

  • Measure current ring

Be inconspicuous by borrowing one of their rings and use a tape measure to measure the inner diameter of the ring. Or opt for a shortcut and use our printable guide! Place the ring over the circles displayed on the sheet, matching the inside edge of the jewellery to the circle that’s nearest in size. If the ring falls between any two sizes, get one of the larger size so that resizing is still possible, even on a later date.

  • Measure ring size with a piece of paper

Another approach is to simply use a piece of paper or string that’s at least 10cm long. Wrap it around your partner’s finger and mark the point where the end meets. Next, take note and annotate the measurement in millimetre using a ruler. With this lucky number, you can find out on the ring size with our ring size chart.

Bear in mind that the standard size may differ depending on the countries, so be sure to check with your preferred jeweller atelier which standard their rings are based on. For instance, the rings at Star Carat Shop are based on Hong Kong standard sizing whilst international brands usually opt for the US standard sizing. Luckily for you, our ring size chart also comes with a conversions chart, so there’s no need to fret!

Introducing Star Carat’s complimentary ring sizer

If you’re looking for a more straightforward way to confidently determine your partner’s ring size, you can simply use a ring sizer. Request one from Star Carat to help you in your online ring shopping!

The ring sizer works just like a belt for your finger, where you’d form a loop around your ring finger and push one end through the buckle. Adjust till you find a fit that’s comfortable and slips over the knuckles easily. Take note that fingers swell in the heart and shrink in the cold. For the best timing, measure the ring size at the end of the day when her fingers are warm.

Complete your ring shopping with a ring sizer

Contrary to popular belief, 40% of partners actually want to be involved in the ring selection process! That said, you could still make your proposal a surprise regardless of their decision. After all, there is more to a proposal than just the ring – there’s the heartfelt speech, the romantic setting, the sentimental location and more.

Ease your journey by downloading our ring size chart, or better yet, request for a free ring sizer so you can shop for the ideal engagement ring together with your partner. We also offer a complimentary 60 day resize policy for our Star Carat Rings so you can confidently find the perfect ring size for her!

At Star Carat Shop, we’re determined to give you quality – quality diamonds and quality shopping experience. Our diamonds are not only IGI certified, but they’re also regarded as Type IIA diamonds – diamonds that make up 2% of the global production of this brilliant gem. Determined to give you a pleasant experience, we aim to merge the traditional shopping experience with the convenience that digital technology has graciously offered.

Book an appointment with us and head down to our showroom to take the first step towards planning a memorable proposal that’ll sweep your partner off their feet!