When Is The Right Time To Purchase An Engagement Ring?

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Getting engaged is one of the all-time highs of life. And like most people, you’d want everything to go exactly the way you’ve planned. Before the actual proposal, you’ll need to scour the jewellery ateliers to find the ideal engagement ring to propose with! On top of having to figure out the visual characteristics of your partner’s diamond engagement ring, you’ll also want to know the optimal time to buy one, pricewise.

It sounds like a lot to take in but not to worry, we’re here to help. Whilst there isn’t a standard period whereby engagement rings are sold at a discounted price, you can still navigate through the process to get the best deal on a style that will sweep your partner off their feet.

Deciding On The Proposal Date

First thing first, you’d have to first figure out when you’d want to get on one knee and pop the big question. Deciding on the date can be dependant on a few factors, such as clashing of schedules and the desire to propose on a special day, amongst many other things.

Regardless of the reason, it’s best not to postpone the proposal in hopes of finding a brilliant engagement ring that gives you the most savings. If you’ve reached the stage where you’d like to advance even further into the relationship as a couple, do so when you feel is right – and not because of the price of a ring.

Setting Your Budget

Once you’ve settled on a date, the next thing you’d want to do is to set a budget. Start by understanding what you can and cannot afford by dipping your toes into the fundamentals of diamond education. This will allow you to not only narrow your options to the specific designs and styles of your partner’s preference, but it will also clue you in on what exactly you’re paying for and what you can afford.

With just the 4Cs, you’d come to know what makes a diamond fall under a particular grade category and thus, its price point. Furthermore, you’d also be able to figure out which of the four Cs – cut, colour, clarity, colour weight – to prioritise. Just a quick tip: the C that has the most influence on a diamond’s sparkle and brilliance is its cut. For most jewellers, a low grade for the other categories can be dismissed if the cut grade of a diamond is excellent.

Another aspect you may want to look into is your gem options. Whilst mined diamonds have been the default choice amongst consumers, lab grown diamonds are steadily becoming a popular alternative. Reason being, apart from the identical physical, chemical and optical properties, they are also significantly cheaper! A 1 caratlab created diamond price can get you a 0.5 carat mined diamond at the same cost! And similar to mined diamonds, you’ll also want to inquire about their certification to vouch for their quality. For instance, the lab grown diamonds at Star Carat Shop are not only IGI certified, but they also fall into the Type IIA category, a category that only makes up of 2% of the global diamonds in the market.

These are just a few considerations you’d have to make when figuring out the budget you can possibly work with.

Giving Yourself Ample Time To Shop

For something tangible that carries significant meaning and sentimental value, finding the perfect engagement ring isn’t something that you can do at the very last minute. You will have to consider the styles she prefers, keep abreast on the information regarding engagement rings and diamonds, and spend some time browsing through online catalogues and physical ateliers.

It would also help to ask your family and friends for a second opinion and sleep on your decision to avoid making a rushed purchase. You’d want a ring that both of you can fall in love with and perfectly capture your love for her.

Get A Quality Diamond Ring With More Savings

Budget is often a key factor in one’s diamond shopping experience. If you’re looking around in hopes to stumble across a diamond sale, you may just end up disappointed. The unfortunate truth is, quality diamonds never go on sale.

What actually goes on sale is the engagement ring setting – which is everything about the ring except for the actual diamond. These sales usually roll around during the Christmas season, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and sometimes, the Great Singapore Sale.

Instead of waiting for a sale to come around, head down to our Star Carat Shop showroom to discuss with our friendly jewellery consultants on the best way you can maximise your budget. Our 1 carat diamond ring costs S$3,999, considerably lesser than a mined diamond!

You will be guided on the process of finding the ideal engagement ring that fits the quality and visual criteria, including your budget! We strive to bring you through an enjoyable diamond shopping experience.