Learn How To Stretch Your Dollar When Diamond Shopping

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Diamond rings are often synonymous with special and momentous celebrations of milestones – from engagements and weddings to even birthdays – and they’re usually given to a loved one as a gift. Thus, it’s no wonder why diamond purchases can be a stressful ordeal. Especially considering the high technical valuation system, the overwhelming information on the gem and its confusing jargon and technicalities, it’s guaranteed to be an intense process.

Before you head down to any diamond jewellery atelier, it’s best to equip yourself with as much information in your back pocket before you jump into unknown territory. If you’re not well versed on the subject and are not sure where’s your starting point – don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

This guide will give you a brief rundown on the things you’ll need to take note of when diamond shopping and suggests some of the things you can do to ensure that you are getting the most out of your budget.

Choosing To Prioritise A Diamond’s Cut

When you first start your diamond research, the first thing you’d come across is the 4C diamond grading rubrics. This grading system not only made accessing the quality of a diamond easy, but it breaks down the attributes to simple terms that a common layman can understand.

The 4Cs are categorised as Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. The grading score in each category will impact the overall look of a diamond, as well as its value.

Out of the 4 categories, it’s best to keep an eye out for a diamond’s cut. Many make the mistake of assuming that the cut of a diamond only pertains to its shape. It’s not wrong, but it’s not entirely right either.

At its core, the cut refers to the geometric proportions of a gem. It refers to how the diamond disperses light to boast its brightness, fire and scintillation. The quality of the cut is highly dependent on the quality of workmanship and craftsmanship that went into the alignment and polishing of the diamond’s facets. Some professionals even consider cut to be the most important diamond attribute – a well-cut diamond can make up for the low scores in the other departments. In fact, a poorly cut diamond will appear dull and glassy no matter how much clarity grating, colour grading or carat weight you’ve added.

Take a look at our Star Carat Classic Enchanted Ring, for instance. 

Classic Diamond Ring, Ring To Propose

Star Carat Classic Enchanted Ring

A diamond cut scale ranges from excellent to poor, and the scintillating diamond that sits on top of this 18kt white gold band scores an excellent on the grading scale. Not only does it have an exceptional design and craftsmanship, but this well-cut round diamond also delivers that unmistakable and remarkable light that telegraphs “diamond” across the room. Furthermore, it has a classic design of a solitaire ring, except with a little twist – it carries subtle heart-shaped features! This classic diamond ring is elegant and sophisticated, carrying the versatility to suit any occasion and event – whether you’re looking for a ring to propose or a heartfelt gift.

Ensure That The Setting Is Up To Par

Ensure that the diamond setting is secure and up to standard. Your ring will wear over time and if your setting is too fine, your stones are bound to fall out. With that said, it wouldn’t do to have a heavy setting either as it will restrict the amount of light entering the stone, therefore not utilising its full potential. Don’t be afraid to ask your jeweller about the diamond – from the gem itself, its design, its cast and setting! It’s important to know what you’re getting into.

Consider Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds have been a player in the diamond industry for quite some time now, and they’ve successfully gained traction amongst diamond consumers all around the world. This is partly due to the shift in consumer behaviour and sentiments, whereby consumers are considering the environmental and humanitarian sustainability from its procurement all the way to the final step when it reaches the retail stores. They provide an avenue for those who wish to exercise conscientious spending whilst still attaining a big bling worthy of showing off.

Let’s start with what makes lab made diamonds so different compared to their mined counterparts. Don’t be surprised, it’s merely their origin! Compared to mined diamonds whereby big machinery will have to dig through the Earth to attain, lab grown diamonds are simply diamonds that grew and matured in labs! Carbon-made diamond seeds will be placed in environments that have immensely high pressure and heat, via two ways: HPHT diamond machines and a chamber that’s filled up with carbon gas. These seeds will grow and mature, to later be polished. With little to no interference during this period, inflexions and imperfections will start to form. Thus, this makes them susceptible to the stringent 4C diamond grading rubric. Since no two diamonds are the same, it could be said the same for lab grown diamonds as well.

On top of the obvious environmental advantage, there’s also another reason why many diamond consumers flock to lab grown diamonds. It’s simply due to the lower price point! Lab created diamonds are priced at a fraction of what their mined counterparts would be priced at. For instance, a 1 Star Carat diamond ring can cost you SGD$3,999 but for the same price, you’d only get 0.5 carat for a mined diamond! 

Classic Diamond Ring, Ring To Propose

Star Carat Classic Cushion Halo Diamond Earrings

If you’re looking for something else other than a ring, these pair of Star Carat Classic Cushion Halo Diamond Earrings have 2 round diamonds set in a halo cushion setting. With a total number of diamonds amounting to a whopping 34, these pair of earrings are bound to steal the show.

Classic Diamond Ring, Ring To Propose

Star Carat Classic 4 Prong Diamond Pendant

If a 0.5 carat mined diamond can costs you SGD$3,999, then a lab grown diamond of a similar carat weight will undoubtedly cost you so much less. Our Star Carat Classic 4 Prong Diamond Pendant is a diamond necklace features a 0.54 carat diamond set in a gold prong setting and it costs SGD$1,658! But don’t limit yourself to just that – this necklace comes in higher carat, up to 2.07 carat if you’re looking to spoil yourself or someone special!

There’s no reason why you should compromise quality for price, seeing as how you can satisfy both requirements at the same time with our lab grown diamonds.

Head To A Reputable Jewellery Atelier

You’ll be spending a huge chunk of money on a jewellery item that’ll last for a lifetime, so it’s in your best interest to make sure that the diamond that you’ll buy is of quality. Thus, ensure that you head to a diamond jewellery atelier with a good reputation. It is also essential to check whether their stones are graded and certified by a reputable diamond grading board.

Star Carat has been in the diamond industry for over 30 years. On top of the expertise we’ve honed over the years, our lab grown diamonds are all IGI certified! Furthermore, they are categorised as Type II diamonds, a type of diamonds that make up only 2% of the diamonds in the global market!

Now that we’ve moved into the Phase 2 of the circuit breaker, we’re proud to announce that we are once again open for showroom appointments! With the guidance of our diamond consultants, your diamond shopping experience becomes much easier and fuss-free.