Diamonds: A 10-Year Anniversary Present To Celebrate With

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A marital union is a milestone that is worth celebrating as it signifies the culmination of a couple’s love and devotion to form the next chapter of their lives. However, weddings are a mere stopgap in a relationship and the journey that comes after is an entirely different ball game altogether.

Which reasons why each passing year is to be celebrated and commemorated! Going back to medieval times, couples have been gifting each other anniversary gifts to mark and honour the years they’ve spent together as a married couple. During the Holy Roman Empire, husbands would gift their wives a silver and gold wreath on their 25th and 50th anniversaries respectively – which is why they’re coined as the silver and gold anniversaries.

Similar to other traditions, certain aspects have evolved to fit modern standards. What used to be gifts made from paper, pottery and copper have evolved to jewellery – particularly gold, pearl and diamond jewellery. Instead of the traditional gift of aluminium or tin, couples who have reached their 10-year milestone will often opt for a diamond as their preferred gift. The allure of a diamond’s beauty and its outstanding durability easily make this gem the perfect gift for an important milestone.

The New Type Of Diamond

Similarly, diamonds have undergone some form of evolution too! With the rate in which technology has advanced, it was only a matter of time before the industry introduced a gem that can easily rival a mined diamond. That diamond alternative came in the form of a lab grown diamond.

Lab grown diamonds are produced in a controlled environment, where diamond seeds get exposed to intense heat and pressure similar to the natural geological process that birth mined diamonds. There are two ways they go about it: HPHT diamond machines or chambers that are rich in carbon gas. Whilst they may have different origins than their mined counterparts, this process allows the diamonds to grow with their own set of inflexions and imperfects. If there are no two diamonds that are the same, then it would apply for lab made diamonds as well!

On top of having the same optical, physical and chemical properties as mined diamonds, these lab grown diamonds are projected as an option that is more environmentally-friendly and sustainable. As such, these aspects have easily made them a popular option for gift giving.

The Type Of Diamond Jewellery That They’ll Like

Shopping for an anniversary gift is intimidating as it is, and it doesn’t get any better even if you do narrow it down to the diamond category. On top of the myriad of options to choose from, there are many considerations you’ll need to take note of when picking the ideal diamond.

If you’re not quite certain where to start, it’s always helpful to equip yourself with the 4Cs of a diamond (clarity, colour, carat weight and cut) as they dictate the quality and ultimately the price of the jewellery.

Once you’re equipped with the basic diamond education, you can start narrowing the type of diamond jewellery to gift your loved one! Let’s take a look at some of the timeless designs that may just tickle their fancy.

Diamond Earrings 

Diamond Jewellery Singapore, Diamond Necklace Singapore

Star Carat Classic Hoop Halo Diamond Earrings

If you’re unsure what type of jewellery your partner likes, you can always opt for the safer option: a pair of diamond earrings. They are timeless pieces that are suitable for individuals of all ages. And because it is a special occasion, it’s only right to gift something that will take her breath away. Have a look at our Star Carat Classic Hoop Halo Diamond Earrings! Set in a halo setting, it features an elegant design that has the versatility to suit any occasion. Your partner can boast these precious gems anywhere and everywhere!

Diamond Pendants

Diamond Jewellery Singapore, Diamond Necklace Singapore

Star Carat Bloom Diamond Necklace

If earrings just aren’t her style, you can also take a look at diamond necklaces. They have more designs to choose from – ranging from a solitaire pendant to one that is flashier like the Star Carat Bloom Diamond Necklace. It’ll depend on your partner’s preferences, but regardless of the design, it’ll be heartening to wear a gift that symbolises a decade worth of gratitude and appreciation close to the heart.

Diamond Rings

Diamond Jewellery Singapore, Diamond Necklace Singapore

Star Carat Classic Trilogy Diamond Ring

Whenever we talk about diamond jewellery, we cannot leave diamond rings out of the discussion. On top of engagement and wedding rings, they also pose as excellent anniversary gifts! They come in different styles and designs to show the individuality and personality of the person wearing them! Go the extra mile for your incredible 10-year feat with our Star Carat Classic Trilogy Diamond Ring, which gives a visual boost compared to a solitaire ring without doing away with the refined splendour.

Mark Your 10-Year with Diamonds

Anniversaries are worth celebrating as it marks the time you’ve spent together with your loved one. It represents not the love and commitment that were allowed you to overcome the trials and tribulation in the past few years or even decades. It symbolises gratitude and appreciation for your partner.

At Star Carat Shop, we offer a wide range of diamond jewellery that caters to your needs at wallet-friendly prices. With lab grown diamonds that are IGI certified and fall under the Type IIA diamond category, you’re a step closer to finding the ideal diamond jewellery that will make for an impressive gift. Book your showroom appointment and our diamond consultants will be happy to assist you for a fuss-free diamond shopping.