Beyond Just Engagements: Diamond Gifts For Any Occasions

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Diamonds are a lasting symbol of reverence, elegance and sentimentality. Whilst they are the popular gem for engagement rings, diamonds have the sort of flexibility that allows them to be an ideal gift for just about anybody, and for any occasion. There is nothing like adorning a loved one with a gift that possesses a little of that icy sparkle from the outside in.

Below, you will find help navigating the waters of choosing the perfect diamond gift for your loved one.

Diamond Engagement Rings

When talking about diamonds, you would naturally think of diamond rings – specifically, diamond engagement rings. Understandably so since the tradition of ring exchange was established when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gifted the first known engagement ring to his fiancée, Mary of Burgundy in 1477. Since then, diamond engagement rings have transformed into a representation of a union between two individuals in love. You may get rather overwhelmed by the numerous options of diamond engagement rings in the market – but when in doubt, there’s always the classic and timeless solitaire ring.

1 Carat Diamond Ring Price, Diamond Engagement Rings

Star Carat Classic Timeless Diamond Ring

A solitaire ring is characterised with a single diamond perched on the prong. The simplicity begets versatility and a sense of elegance and sophistication, making it the perfect jewellery item for any and every occasion. Take a look at our Star Carat Classic Timeless Diamond Ring features a scintillating lab made diamond set in a classic 6 prong design. It’s a timeless piece that is bound to sweep your partner off their feet!

A Gift For A New Mum

Whilst a new life ought to be celebrated, the same amount of acknowledgement and commemoration should be given to honour the one who preserved for 9 months straight. Show your appreciation by gifting the birthing mother a push present! Push presents may differ depending on the individual’s preferences – both at the receiving and giving ends – but diamond jewellery are, in fact, not uncommon! You can opt anything from an eternity ring to a solitaire diamond necklace, but let us suggest something even more special: a journey necklace.

1 Carat Diamond Ring Price, Diamond Engagement Rings

Star Carat Classic Trilogy Diamond Necklace

A journey necklace represents time: past, present and future and the meaning is beautifully encapsulated by diamonds that progressively gets bigger. Often given as a gift to a lover, you can also gift this to a birthing mother that has just embarked on a new motherhood journey. Our Star Carat Classic Trilogy Diamond displays a total of 3 diamonds in a single row, each sitting nicely on a 4 prong setting. Let them wear a symbol of motherhood and their child close to their chest.

A Gratitude Gift For An Important Person

Regardless of the occasion, anybody will feel appreciated and thankful when they receive a jewellery item as a present. Whether it’d be a close friend or a family member, expressing that they hold a special place in your life will always be welcomed.

1 Carat Diamond Ring Price, Diamond Engagement Rings

Star Carat Classic Diamond Earrings

The Star Carat Classic Diamond Earrings are perfect as a gratitude gift. This timeless piece is so versatile that anybody from all walks of life can wear, and for any occasion. Despite its simple design, it will not lose to other jewellery items in elegance and sophistication.

Gift Of Indulgence For Oneself

Whilst diamond jewellery is usually given as presents from one individual to another, there comes a time where you can actually be the one to give and also receive! Nowadays, people are donning a piece of diamond jewellery they’ve purchased for themselves. In fact, such gifts of indulgence make up one-third of an unmarried woman’s diamond collection!

1 Carat Diamond Ring Price, Diamond Engagement Rings

Star Carat Classic Cushion Diamond Ring

If you’re looking to treat and pamper yourself for any reasons, why not go big? After all, you deserve the best. Gift yourself a present as big and blinding as the love you have for yourself and our Start Carat Classic Cushion Diamond Ring can be just that! A lab grown diamond solitaire is carefully set in a halo cushion setting, paved with diamonds that are smaller but just as brilliant. There’s nothing like expressing self-love with 53 diamonds sitting on your finger.

Shop for diamonds online

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