The Evolution Of Engagement Ring Trends Throughout The Years

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Contrary to popular belief, engagement rings are not a contemporary tradition and they have been, in fact, part of our culture since Ancient Egypt. Gifting partners with a ring made out of papyrus and reeds were seen as a declaration of love and a promise of long-term commitment. This tradition later spread to Ancient Roman and Ancient Greece, except they gifted their partner with iron rings instead.

It was 1477 when the diamond engagement ring made its debut as Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented a diamond gold ring to Mary of Burgundy. Later on, in the 1920s, diamonds were made accessible to the public, and the average Joe was able to present a tangible representation of their love and devotion. This symbolism managed to stay the same despite the evolution of engagement ring styles and the waning and waxing of trends.

If you’re keen to learn more, let’s take a sneak peek at how the diamond engagement rings have evolved throughout the years.

The Art Deco Period (1920s-1930s)

With the rise of the Art Deco movements in the 1920s, the increased attention to the diamond engagement ring is almost expected. This movement calls for modernism translated into fashion, a sleek aesthetic that goes against the traditional ornate sentiments. Its distinguishing features included clean lines and shapes, a style that reflected the admiration for modern machinery and technology.

Thus, it is no surprise that the two diamond styles were Emeralds and Asscher Cut Diamonds. Their geometric shapes were the style of modernity and sophistication wrapped into one.

De Beer’s Takeover (1940s)

It was under De Beer’s “A Diamond is Forever” campaign that diamond engagement rings truly take off. It not only became a representation of a possible future between two adults, but it provided the women with a financial safety blanket should the relationship not work out.

Round diamonds easily became the precedent stone for engagement as it presents an elegant and durable beauty that will transcend time. Its simplicity offers versatility that has allowed it to stay the supreme cut even till this day.

A Royalty Proposal (1980s)

When Prince Charles proposed to Princess Diana, almost every jewellery atelier presented the replica of her breathtaking 12 carat oval sapphire ring set in a diamond halo. It was an elegant display of opulence, with 14 small diamonds surrounding the blue Ceylon sapphire. Not only did diamond halo made a popular comeback from the 1920s, so did coloured gems!

Age Of The Internet (2000s)

As most trends go, they wane and wax. Popular trends that see a decline will only come back up within the next following years or decades. Similarly, the engagement ring trend also went through the same resurgence.

There was a rise in classic diamond ring styles such as the solitaire rings and princess shaped diamonds as nostalgia for traditional ring styles push for its demand.

Rise Of Individualism And Sustainability (2020)

Whilst we can forecast the trend for the entire decade, we can, however, confidently state that consumer buying habits have taken into consideration two things specifically: individualism and sustainability.

Many brides-to-be are opting for custom-made engagement rings to express their unique individual footprint. They are also able to draw inspiration from their relationship into their design, adding another layer of sentimentality to an item rich with meaning.

With the increased humanitarian and environmental consciousness amongst buyers, many individuals are taking the extra time to research the origins of their gems before their purchase. Thus, it’s no wonder environmentally options such as lab grown diamonds have grown popular amongst the masses. Unlike mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds are developed in chambers filled with carbon-rich gas or a HPHT diamond machine. Originally a diamond seed, it’ll be exposed to intense heat and pressure before blooming into a mature diamond. Since the geological process is replicated and identical to that of a mined diamond, these lab made diamonds will naturally have the same optical, chemical and physical properties. You now can boast a brilliant engagement ring with an origin that doesn’t require any digging and mining!

The Proposal

Similar to the evolution of diamond ring styles, the notion of engagement and proposal have also drastically changed. You’d be surprised to learn that marital union wasn’t initially reserved for individuals who are mutually in love. In fact, most unions are used to tie two families together, mostly for the sake of societal or political standing, and financial benefits. It was only during the industrial age in the 1700s that many have the liberty to think about exercising individual agency to marry the one they love.

Modern takes on the proposal still include kneeling before one’s partner (a gesture from the Middle Ages that was popularised in the 1800s), but many are ensuring that the event is extra memorable. Today’s couples will fly to romantic locations such as the Maldives or Paris, whilst others will organise a flash mob and record the entire event on social media for the rest of the world to see. Regardless of your approach, whether it’d be a private or a public event, you may want to hire a photographer to capture the entire event unfurl!

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