How To Make Your Diamond Ring Look Bigger And More Impressive

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When shopping for a classic diamond ring, most people would agree that size matters especially when it accounts for how big it will look on the finger. The bigger the appearance, the more likely it will offer that captivating ‘wow’ factor everyone’s looking for.

Larger diamond sizes come with a costly price tag and if you have a smaller budget to stick to, the question lies: how to make your ring look as big and impressive as possible?

Worry not; there are still a few variables that can give your ring a little boost in the size department. When choosing their rings, many consider just the carat weight but other factors also contribute to the ring’s appearance. We’ve gathered a few of those to help you sport a standout sparkle on your finger without having to break the bank.

Pay Special Attention To The Cut

Star Carat Classic 4 Claw Diamond Ring

Before they could sit in the display case, the diamond rings are first subjected to the 4C diamond grading: Carat weight, Clarity, Colour and Cut. The 4Cs will determine the quality of the diamonds.

Contrary to popular belief, the cut of the diamond is arguably the most important component as it decides how well the diamond reflects and refracts light. The sparkle and brilliance of your ring are heavily influenced by how skilled the diamonds are cut.

There are the 4 diamond cut grades, the top being the ideal cut. Also known as the princess cut, these diamonds are cut to ideal proportions and angles, hence the name. They have exceptional polish and symmetry ratings, which allow the diamonds to produce a tremendous sparkle. Have a look at the Star Carat Classic 4 Claw Diamond Ring to see it for yourself.

Say Hello To The Halo Setting

Of course, the most straightforward approach is to add smaller diamonds around the centre diamond. Also known as the halo, this setting gives off an illusion that the solitaire diamond bigger, and by some estimates, as much as a 0.5 carat larger.

Star Carat Elegant Halo Diamond Ring

Take a look at the Star Carat Elegant Halo Diamond Ring and be amazed at the difference a halo design can make. Compared to a traditional solitaire diamond ring, the halo design adds to not only the sizable appearance, but also the sparkle and brilliance.

The More Diamonds, The Better: Paved Setting

Similar to the halo setting, the paved setting involves diamond accents placed along the band. With little to no visibility of the metal band, it gives off an endless sparkle and shine.

Star Carat Classic Pave Diamond Ring

With 33 diamonds in total, the Star Carat Classic Pave Diamond Ring doesn’t lose to a high carat in terms of shine. Furthermore, its sophisticated design makes it suitable to glam up yor everyday wear!

Three Stone Rings

The ring equivalent to the journey pendant, a three-stone ring carries the same romantic symbolism of the past, present and future. Not only does it add more sparkle, but the two smaller diamonds that settled at each side of the centre diamond also gives an illusion that the latter is bigger than it really is.

Star Carat Classic Trilogy Diamond Ring

Turn heads when you wear the Star Carat Classic Trilogy Diamond Ring. With three diamonds taking up the frontal space of the ring, it gives an illusion of a bigger diamond just by negative space alone. Neither lacklustre nor overpowering, a three-stone ring is fitting for any occasion.

Consider A Lab Created Diamond

Another approach is to simply purchase a lab created diamond ring. These diamond alternatives are chemically, physically and optically identical to a mined diamond, except with a pleasant twist! A 1 carat diamond ring from Star Carat has an average cost of S$3000. Compared to the cost of a natural diamond, the same S$3000 can only get you a 0.4 carat mined diamond! Not only do you pay almost half the price of a 1 carat mined diamond ring, but you will also get a bigger stone in the process!

The reason for the comparatively low cost is due to its procurement. Unlike mined diamonds that took billion of years to form in the Earth’s crust, lab grown diamonds take a few weeks to grow in a controlled environment – skipping the whole diamond mining process. They are subjected to the same rigorous grading system like mined diamonds. This ensures the lab created diamonds being retailed are of top-notched quality, seeing as how all of our diamonds at Star Carat are classified under Type IIA diamonds.


As you can see, you don’t necessarily have to spend an excessive amount of money to have a glorious ring on your finger. Consider these tips when you head down to a jewellery atelier to choose your diamond engagement ring. Better yet, combine any one of the above tips with a lab grown diamond ring purchase! That way, you’d save a considerable amount of money whilst getting the most sparkle. Get the ball rolling by making an appointment with Star Carat Shop today!