4 Other Occasions that Diamond Rings Can Be Gifted

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When it comes to gifts, nothing is more special than a diamond ring. What makes a diamond ring a treasured gift is what it represents as a whole.

Diamond rings are meaningful and significant symbols of affection and love. Hence, the best way to celebrate life’s special moments is by gifting your significant other a sparkling diamond ring.

The most obvious occasion for a diamond ring is during a wedding proposal; however, there is no hard and fast rule that diamond rings are only limited to that one occasion. Our lab-grown diamond rings are reasonably priced, allowing you to purchase them as a gift for your significant others – outside of proposals.

Besides being a reminder to your special person how much you adore them, you can buy a diamond ring for yourself too. It can be a ‘self-love’ ring to symbolise a promise to love yourself more. Moreover, splurging on an expensive ring may just be the pick-me-up you need. Here are some other occasions where you can consider purchasing a diamond ring.

1. Wedding Anniversaries

The most popular occasion to give someone a diamond ring would probably be an anniversary. While diamonds are traditionally gifted at the tenth wedding anniversary, there is no reason why this gem can’t be given at any other anniversary milestone.

A promise ring – which has been gaining popularity recently – symbolises the lifelong commitment you have towards your partner. It can be worn stacked with your engagement ring on the ring finger, or simply on its own.

There are no fixed rules when it comes to the style of the ring. After all, these anniversary rings are meant to be a memento of your unique relationship and should represent your distinctive style.

2. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate love and romance, and it’s the ideal time to give your partner a personal, beautiful gift that represents your love for her.

A dazzling diamond ring will make her feel cared for, appreciated and loved. Since diamond rings symbolise love, affection and commitment, you can’t go wrong by choosing one as a gift for her. Not to mention, they are built to last.

Show her how much you care and love her with a diamond that speaks for itself. With a wide range of designs to choose from, feast your eyes on styles ranging from classic and contemporary to sophisticated and modern.

3. Birthdays

Birthdays are the perfect excuse to pamper yourself and spend some quality time with the ones you love. This is also a great time to show your significant other how much you appreciate them since you will also be celebrating how much she has grown from the past year.

A good present is a thoughtful one where the recipient’s needs are properly incorporated into the gift. Take this opportunity to customise a diamond ring that is well suited to your partner’s taste. From choosing the perfect band to the most brilliant diamond, make your partner feel extra special with a gift that is thoughtfully made by you.

4. Mother’s Day

Before your significant other, there is one woman that has always been there for you ever since you were born – your mother. Thank your mother for her selflessness and unconditional love with something that can perfectly express the gratitude and affection you have for her.

Because there is a lot of effort involved in creating a diamond ring, buying a ring will speak volumes. Unlike flowers, which will eventually wither, a diamond will stay the same no matter how much time has passed.

Getting a dazzling diamond ring, necklace or pendant will perfectly represent the love and appreciation that we hold for the woman that we can never fully repay in our lifetime.

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