Why Diamonds Will Always Be The Top Trending Proposal Ring

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When it comes to popping the question, presenting a loved one with a sparkling diamond ring is common. With the market having a plethora of dazzling designs and cuts, there’s nothing more romantic than celebrating your love with a swoon-worthy proposal ring in Singapore.

At first glance, many will see an association between a diamond and a commitment between two people for marriage, but that was not always the case. Because offering a diamond ring has been a tradition for many generations, many of us are unaware of why diamonds are favoured for proposals.

Without further ado, let us delve into how diamonds became an icon for proposals and why they will stay that way.

The origins of diamond engagement rings

The history of diamond rings for women goes way back to the 1477 Roman era when the Archduke Maximilian of Austria ordered the first customised diamond ring for his then-fiancé, Mary of Burgundy.

This incident kickstarted a trend mostly reserved for the European aristocracy and nobility. The trend then spread rapidly when natural diamonds were discovered in abundance in the 1870s at South Africa. The peak of their popularity started after WWII in 1947 when the De Beers company started a campaign titled, “A Diamond is Forever”.

The perceived magic diamonds hold

When it was first discovered, people realised that no tool could cut diamonds and no fire could melt or burn them. This stemmed a belief that they contained supernatural powers.

Spiritually, diamonds are also believed to improve the owners’ stamina and clear their thoughts. This helps them feel more focused, committed, and grounded. With diamonds holding all those ‘magic’, it’s fitting to give a diamond ring to the person you love.

What else does a diamond represent?

Diamonds as a promise of forever

Speaking of magic, the fantastic thing about diamonds is that their sparkle does not fade with age. Even if trends come and go, the beauty of a diamond is never diminished.

Due to this, they are believed to symbolise a powerful and binding promise. Since love between a couple is meant to be forever, a diamond embodies the message of undying, unconditional love.

It also represents the unbreakable promise that is everlasting and the commitment to love and care for your significant other in the times to come. In other words, no other gemstone conveys the love between you and your soulmate more powerfully than a diamond.

Diamonds as a persistent commitment

Forming a diamond naturally takes billions of years, and some researchers have revealed that diamonds may have existed even before the dinosaur era. Since diamonds are the hardest substance on Earth, they can even withstand extreme temperature and pressure.

Just like how many couples hope that their relationship can persevere through life’s challenges and still come out strong and beautiful, diamonds are the ideal representation of the promise that a relationship will stay strong.

Diamonds show your partner she’s one-of-a-kind

Because the procedure of creating a diamond in the lab is essentially replicating the natural diamond growing process, the lab-grown diamonds open possibilities to craft the precious gem into a variety of diamond shapes, designs, and styles.

As no two people are the same, it means that there is a different story behind every lab-created diamond ring.

Custom-made diamond engagement rings in Singapore are trending because a special feeling comes from the diamonds being specially grown and fashioned for a single person. Hence, when given as part of a proposal, it emulates that the receiver is unique, just like the diamond. It also passes the message that despite being different, they are still loved and valued.

There is a diamond ring out there for everyone

The next time you ask: “Why are diamond engagement rings quintessential for proposals?”, the answer is straightforward. Diamonds are valuable, durable, unique, eternal, and classy. They represent all the qualities that people desire in love and marriage.

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