4 Things You Can Consider Adding When Setting Up Proposals

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You’ve bought the perfect proposal ring for the woman of your dreams and are now ready to propose to her with a special speech you have prepared. While this is a standard way to propose, you can consider adding romantic elements to make it special and unforgettable.

A heartfelt and memorable proposal should always come from the heart. Make your significant other feel extra special by putting together the memories you shared in one special moment. However, if you are still stuck on how to set up the proposal, here’s a guideline to follow to make your proposal a great one!

1. A Location To Preserve The Memories

While it is true that a popular restaurant is the perfect place for a romantic night out, will this hot spot be old news by tomorrow? When it comes to choosing a location to pop the question, it’s better to choose a place that you are sure will be there for many years to come.

Whether it’s a historical monument or an outdoor location, the idea of visiting the place where you once proposed will always be special. You can even choose to head back to this place to renew your vows in private to commemorate your relationship in the future.

If you are still interested in proposing in a restaurant, consider recording the evening’s highlights, such as the drink choices or the dessert. That way, you can replicate the meal for her during anniversaries.

2. Add Some Flowers

For a long time, flowers have been a gesture of romantic love, and will be a great addition to the proposal! The most important thing is to choose the right flowers for this occasion. The ideal flowers will differ depending on what your significant other is like.

If you are going for something classic, you can’t go wrong with a bouquet of red roses. In flower language, red roses mean “I love you”, and 108 roses would mean, “Will you marry me?”

However, should your partner mention that red roses are cliché or have another type of flower she likes, you should consider other options. Ask yourself: What is her favourite flower? If she never mentioned her preferred flower, then what is her favourite colour?

You can also think back on your relationship. If you have given her flowers during previous special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries, what kind of flowers were they? It will be more meaningful if you give flowers that act as a call-back to the earlier memories in your relationship.

3. Getting Her Favourite (Homecooked) Meal

The key to someone’s heart is through their stomach. It’s even better when it’s the food you cooked yourself since it’s made with love. Moreover, it’s also a discreet way to make them feel special without letting them suspect that you are about to pop the question.

If you prefer a simple proposal at home, why not recreate her favourite meal and set some candles on the table? To create a romantic atmosphere, sprinkle rose petals around the place, or dim the lighting to make it cosy.

Alternatively, you can order her favourite food and have it delivered to your home. Making the food or getting it delivered beforehand gives you the possibility to pop the question by writing it on the dessert with icing, or placing the ring on top of one of the dishes.

Be sure that the ring is visible enough so that it doesn’t get accidentally swallowed.

4. Adding Music to Set the Mood

Music can be crucial in setting the mood when asking for your partner’s hand in marriage. It’s also ideal if you want the engagement to be more personal and romantic. There are a few ways you can go about selecting the ideal music— it could be something sweet and romantic, energetic and fun, or maybe even rock music.

The music you choose should be dependent on your partner’s musical tastes and the atmosphere you are trying to create. They should be songs that remind you of moments from your relationships, such as the best dates, the most joyful nights, and the sweetest meetings. It will help to create a special environment where your significant other feels the most carefree and safest.

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