Why The Older Generation Are Choosing Lab Grown Diamonds

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The diamond industry has undergone a massive transformation, and the biggest player that spearheaded this change is lab grown diamonds. Young people are increasingly falling out of love with mined diamonds and have jumped ship – but they’re not the only ones. Apart from the Millennials and Gen Zs who make up most of its consumer base, the older generation has also started to purchase more lab grown diamonds as well.

There are several reasons why the older generation is making a shift in their purchase, most of which are influenced by their evolving their interests, beliefs and styles. After diving into some of these benefits, the motivations behind the choice made become much clearer.

1. Environmentally Friendly

The reputation of mined diamonds have been on a sharp decline in recent years, and this can be attributed to the growing environmental and humanitarian awareness, and conscious consumption movement.

Traditionally, the procurement of mined diamonds involves mining technologies that work hard to remove layers of the Earth to excavate the ore materials that will later be transported offsite for further processing. The mining process in and of itself can cause severe deterioration and damage to our natural environment. Apart from irreversibly transforming the natural landscape, these mines leave permanent scars that are so big, it could be seen from space. Besides, it doesn’t take into account the harmful waste materials that are released into the environment.

In comparison, lab grown diamonds don’t have such an adverse effect on the Earth as their mined counterparts. As their name suggests, these gems are developed and produced in a controlled environment that mimics the geological factors required for a diamond’s growth. Not only does this require no mining or extraction, but the energy required for the procurement of lab grown diamonds is also significantly less.

2. Ethical

Whilst “Blood Diamonds” is a critically acclaimed movie that has been applauded for shedding light on the diamond industry, the reality is much worse. Violence, conflict, unsafe working conditions and abhorrently low wages are a few outcomes of such an unethical production practice.

In hopes to rectify this, the Kimberly Process was later set up. This certification scheme hopes to eliminate some of the immoral practices, and has claimed that it has drastically lowered the percentages of illegal diamond mining. However, it’s not a foolproof system and was found to be heavily flawed – making its good intentions all for nought.

The only way to guarantee that you’re getting an ethically sourced diamond is to have one where you can trace its origins – something lab grown diamonds can easily offer.

3. Contemporary And Affordable

As diamond technology improves over the ears, so does trends. Apart from the classic designs that have managed to find a place in the jewellery scene, new trends such as ring stacks and fun band patterns, have been slowly easing their way in. These contemporary designs don’t limit themselves to casual and fashion jewellery, but also extends to the classic yet brilliant engagement rings and diamond wedding rings!

The best part of it all, it doesn’t cost as much as traditional mined diamonds! Surprisingly, even with the ethical and environmental advantage, lab grown diamonds can be anywhere from 20-30% less expensive than their mined counterparts. This means you can purchase a 1 carat lab grown diamond ring for the price of a 0.5 mined diamond! It’s a win-win for both your finger and your wallet!

The Older Generations: The New Lab Grown Diamonds Consumers

Unlike Millennials and Gen Zs, the older generation isn’t known for switching up societal norms, which is why the slow yet steady increase in older generation consumers can come off as a surprise. But their shift isn’t all that unfathomable either.

The older generation has witnessed the flourishing of the diamond industry back in the 1930s, and watched it grew to be a valuable commodity that represents love and marital union between partners. Naturally, they’re also privy about all things diamonds – including its drawbacks.

And whilst the conscious consumption has picked up increasing speed in the last couple of years, this concept is not new. Technology back then was inferior to the ones we have now, and as such, they didn’t have quality alternatives that could rival the allure and quality of diamonds. Now that lab grown diamonds have graced the scene, they’re quick to read up on them and understand their origins and benefits. As such, whilst it may have taken a while for them to jump on the bandwagon, them being part of the larger consumer base is understandable.

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