How to Know When You Are Ready To Pop The Question

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You’ve met the love of your life and have decided to take the next step in your committed relationship: marriage. It’s a natural progression, one that is filled with promises of a future that you will share with your partner for, hopefully, the rest of your lives. As you look forward to the day that you’ll tie the knot with your significant other, you may be wondering when is the perfect time for you to get down on one knee to pop the question.

Naturally, a significant milestone requires much consideration as well. To help you get ready for the next chapter of your life, we’ve gathered a list of 5 things to consider before you hunt for you beloved’s stunning proposal ring.

1. Your Life Is In Order

You don’t necessarily need to have everything in your life figured out; but if there’s one thing you’ll want to secure, it’s most definitely financial security. You don’t need to have wealth either, but you should be financially confident to comfortably provide not just for yourself, but also for your partner. To avoid any unforeseen fiscal hurdles, you’ll want to discuss with your partner the type of lifestyle the two of you are comfortable living before moving forward with such a significant commitment. You’ll want to set the foundation of your marriage right, with mutual ideas on money, savings and spending habits.

Apart from the financial aspect, you’ll want to ensure that your priorities are also in order. Start by shifting from the single lifestyle to one that prefers the stability that a marriage life offers.

2. Your Partner Is Your Supportive Best Friend

Your future spouse is not simply a romantic partner, but they are also your best friend and biggest cheerleader. They are the one that lifts you whenever you’re down, and celebrates with you for every achievement, no matter how small it might be. Of course, this should also be reciprocated. Both you and your partner should feel safe, secure and confident in not just each other, but also in the future the both of you have envisioned.

3. You’ve Had The Tough Talks

Many couples understand how big of a milestone a marriage can be, but they don’t realise how big a change it’ll be to their lives. You’d be merging both your different lives together, and if you have yet to find the middle ground, it may just break your marriage.

Difficult conversations and issues, whilst uncomfortable, need to be addressed early on in the relationship. Conversations pertaining to future kids, careers and the like, need to be communicated. Whilst it may seem rather abstract right now, letting each other know your wants and expectations will help to prevent unexpected disagreements in the future. This will also help you figure out how you will navigate and compromise as a couple, allowing you to reach the middle ground much faster and more effectively.

4. Your Friends And Family Also Said Yes!

When you get married, you’re not only marrying your partner but also their family and friends as well! How does their family feel about you and vice versa? Family matters can be rather complicated, which is why you’ll want to try your best to be a mediator for both your partner and family. You’ll want to hear from both sides and consider their opinions.

Similarly, you’ll want to do the same with your friend circles and vice versa. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time with your partner’s family and friends, and with yours, you’ll want to ensure that the time spent will be comfortable and enjoyable for all the parties that are involved.

5. Prepared To Let Go Of Your Ego

Unfortunately, there is no tried and tested formula for a successful marriage. However, there is one thing that will help you to attain the end goal: open communication. And let’s face it; open communication is unachievable if both parties are holding onto their ego and are unwilling to cooperate.

Marriage is all about finding the middle ground. Decision making now requires two people instead of one, and it gets a tad tricky each time. It’s beyond finding a good dinner spot for your next date – it’s also figuring out where to stay, whose family to celebrate Christmas night with and more. Ensure that you and your partner are ready for times when you’d clash with one another, and arm yourselves with ways to navigate the situation.

Marriage is a big commitment that requires a lot of consideration – and then some! Checking these 5 items off your list is an excellent start to know when you should hunt for a diamond engagement ring to propose with.

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