Diamond Earrings: A Staple For Every Woman’s Jewellery Box

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Whilst diamond engagement rings put marital union in the spotlight, diamond stud earrings are purely for aesthetics that can transform your look. A dazzling pair can easily light up your face with brilliance and sparkle, whilst simultaneously elevating your outfit as a whole.

The first diamond earring to grace the market quickly rose in popularity in the 19th century, and remained popular ever since. Timeless, classic and chic, a pair of diamond earrings can be worn for special occasions, casual gatherings and even for everyday wear – it’s no wonder why they’ve become an essential in every woman’s jewellery collection.

If you’re looking to be flushed with finesse, take a look at some Star Carat beauties and marvel at their lustrous brilliance.

Four Prong Earring Setting

The traditional four prong earring setting affords not only a reasonably good fit, but also a clean-cut finish. Moreover, the diamond is set low in the frame, which allows it to sit flat against the earlobe.

Star Carat Classic Diamond Earrings

Timeless and elegant, these Star Carat Classic Diamond Earrings add a sort of sophistication for any outfit, at any occasion. These beautiful solitaire earrings are set in 18K white gold, and you can choose its carat weight anywhere from 1.02 ct to 1.48 ct.

Halo Cushion Earring Setting

 If you wish to have a bit more of a dazzle, all you need to do is add a few more diamonds! The halo setting features small accent pavé diamonds that encircle a larger stone. This setting not only makes these diamond earrings appear larger, but the added brilliance and fire from these pavé diamonds are enough to blind those around you.

Star Carat Classic Halo Diamond

If you’re looking for an extra sparkle, our Star Carat Classic Halo Diamond can do the job well. This pair boasts a total of 28 diamonds and 1.39 carat weight! They also score an I-J and VS-SI in the colour and clarity grade.

Star Carat Classic Diamond Halo Diamond Earrings

If a single halo setting is not enough, then go double! The Star Carat Classic Diamond Halo Diamond Earrings features a double halo setting boasting a whopping 80 diamonds set in 18K white gold. The total carat of these beautiful earrings is 1.61 ct – a good way to make for a dazzling first impression.

Star Carat Classic Cushion Halo Diamond Earrings

Compared to the previous 2, the Star Carat Classic Cushion Halo Diamond Earrings has a cushion setting which meant that the centre stone is surrounded by a halo that is square cut. With diamonds weighed 1.78 ct in total, you can now boast 17 diamonds on each ear!

Fanciful Settings

Perhaps the traditional designs are not for you, and you prefer earrings that have a distinctive characteristic. Not to worry! At Star Carat, we are proud to be an atelier that carries an extensive range of designs to cater to various tastes and preferences. Take a look at these 2 designs that may just tickle your fancy.

Starry Line Earrings

Simple yet equally stunning as the rest, the Starry Line Earrings are perfect earrings for those who favour a minimalistic design. With 16 diamonds set in 18K white gold, the Starry Line Earrings are a contemporary take on these elegant beauties.

Starry Diamante Heart Earrings

If you wish to gift a pair of diamond earrings to someone near and dear, what better pair than the Starry Diamante Heart Earrings? With 0.31 ct diamonds set in 18K white gold, this pair of diamonds makes a great representation of your love.

A pair of diamond earrings are an absolute staple in one’s jewellery collection, after a diamond engagement ring for women. If you wish to purchase a pair of ear studs to become your new best buds, Star Carat has got you covered.

On top of our extensive repertoire of designs, Star Carat also takes pride in the quality of every of our lab grown diamonds. Not only are they IGI certified, but each and every one of our gem is classified as Type IIA – a category that comprises only 2% of the world’s mined diamonds. Moreover, our lab grown diamond costs significantly lower than that of their mined counterparts – expect to pay 50% lesser!

As a jewellery atelier that does not cede our creativity and quality for such a price point, Star Carat is your go-to for all your jewellery needs! Book an appointment with us and we’ll help you find your dream diamond jewellery.