Simple And Timeless: Minimalist Jewellery For Everyday Wear

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If the sleek and polished aesthetic is your go-to look, then you might be a fan of the dainty, barely-there jewellery. After all, minimalist jewellery is the perfect way to elevate your everyday look with minimal effort.

Their flexibility allows you to embellish with not one, but a few jewellery pieces at one time – now that stacked jewellery is in fashion.

As the adage goes, “simple is best.” Whether you’re throwing on a white T-shirt or a cocktail dress, here are a few minimalist jewellery pieces that will give you that low-key glow.

Minimalistic Necklaces

From scattered diamonds on a thin chain to traditional single stone silhouettes, minimalistic necklaces can give your entire outfit a subtle visual boost without being too overwhelming. Furthermore, you can also look into stacking these beauties and play with their length, if you’re feeling a tad bit creative!

Star Carat Classic Diamond Necklace

When it comes to minimalistic necklaces, nothing can beat a solitaire necklace. Despite displaying only one gem, its scintillating and brilliant sparkle is all you need to attract the crowd’s attention. Furthermore, its simple design allows for flexibility: you can wear this beautiful jewellery with any outfit and it’ll look just as splendid!

Starry Bar Pendant Necklace

If you wish for a more edgy look, you can opt for our Starry Bar Pendant Necklace! It displays a diamonds set on a bar, giving you a clean silhouette that can be styled with other necklaces or worn on its own. If you need a piece that serves as a foundation for your jewellery collection, this is the one.

Starry Chevron Necklace

Perhaps something outside of the traditional white gold for you? Presenting one of our rose gold jewellery items, the Starry Chevron Necklace. On top of the appealing colour, the necklace has a chic, clean-lined design that’s both playful and classic.

Minimalistic Rings

Of all the jewellery items, the ring arguably has the most sentimental value. After all, no other jewellery item is used to represent love, dedication and marriage, unlike that of a beautiful diamond ring.

Whether it’d a symbol of your marital union with your special someone, or one you wish to simply wear on a daily as another typical jewellery, it’s important you find one that is in tune with your minimalistic style.

Star Carat Classic Glow Diamond Ring

For any minimalist jewellery, the general rule of thumb states that less is more. As such, there is a preference for solitaire diamond rings. This classic ring has reigned supreme as the diamond ring of choice – and it’s little wonder why. With just one scintillating diamond, it gives off an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic that is appropriate for any sort of occasion.

Take a look at our Star Carat Classic Glow Diamond Ring above and you’ll see why solitaire diamonds have been the most popular choice for engagement rings.

Star Carat Classic Eternity Diamond Ring

If you wish to have something more than the timeless beauty, you can opt for an eternity ring. Unlike that of a solitaire ring, the eternity ring features more than 1 diamond.

In fact, our Star Carat Classic Eternity Diamond Ring displays 7 diamonds in total! Even with that large number, eternity rings can still be categorised as a minimalist due to its simple and symmetrical design. This classic diamond ring will effortlessly glisten as it sits delicately on your finger.

Star Carat Starlight Diamond Ring

Want something subtle yet striking? Our Star Carat Starlight Diamond Ring features a solitaire ring that’s been set in an elegant row of pave diamonds. This ring works as a piece of minimalist jewellery as due to its thin band, giving it a delicate silhouette on your ring finger.

Minimalistic Bracelets

Simple chain bracelets are becoming popular, following the rising trend of minimalistic jewellery pieces closely. The timeless appeal of these bracelets makes it the perfect jewellery to be paired with any of your favourite outfits.

Starry Diamond Bar Bracelet

With several small diamonds set in an 18kt rose gold bar, this Starry Diamond Bar Bracelet does not lose when it comes to sparkles. Furthermore, since it’s rose gold, this bracelet will look amazing for those with warm and cool skin tones alike!

Starry Diamond Wheel Bracelet

Add a sparkling treat to your wrist with a white gold bracelet – just take a look at our Starry Diamond Wheel Bracelet! On top of the simple yet sophisticated design, this beautiful bracelet features 5 stunning diamonds that’ll leave the people around you swooning.

Starry Heart Diamante Bracelet

Just because a design is simple and minimalistic, it doesn’t have to be any less sentimental. Gift your loved one a Starry Heart Diamante Bracelet and they’d be reminded of you and your love every single time they put it on.

The ultimate mix of style and simplicity

Minimalist style may look different depending on who you ask, and the very same can be said for minimalist jewellery. However, they all have something in common: they embody the ultimate mix of simplicity and style. Minimalist designs excel in fusing clean silhouettes and quality, which then translates into effortless pieces that’s fit for everyday wear.

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