Twist Engagement Rings: The Solitaires With A Little Twist

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In 2017, a big trend that rose in prominence saw the burgeoning demand for a particular type of diamond engagement ring for women. More specifically, the classic solitaire engagement ring but with a slight twist – literally. This style grew in popularity, loved for its simple yet elegant twist in a classic setting.

There are many ways you can sport these scintillating rings, which come in an array of designs. The ring can be intertwined it in a few selected areas or feature a few diamonds for that added sparkle. The styles are aplenty to suit your various needs and preferences, but here’s a simple run-through of some of the twisted band engagement rings that are out in the market.

Twisted Solitaires

What makes twisted band engagement rings favourable amongst brides-to-be is its design – which artfully balances the simplicity and elegance without having it appear too plain. They also feature symbolic twisted and intertwined details on the band, which represent the union of two people as one – ideal for those who wish to sport a tangible embodiment of their endless love and commitment to their partner.

Star Carat Classic Twirl Diamond Ring

A solitaire diamond ring with a twist, what makes the Star Carat Classic Twirl Diamond Ring is the detailed twisted setting to hold the scintillating diamond in place. Moreover, it features a 1 ct diamond that not only scores a VS1 in clarity, but also an F colour grade and an excellent cut grade.

Star Carat Classic Twisted Diamond Ring

If you wish to have an upgrade from the previous ring, then the Star Carat Classic Twisted Diamond Ring is the one. Also featuring a delicate twisted setting, this ring proudly displays a 1.54 ct diamond that scores a VS1 in clarity and an excellent in their cut grade. Moreover, it also achieves a G in colour grade, one step down from the truly colourless tier! 

Star Carat Classic Glow Diamond Ring

If you’re looking for a ring that has a minimalistic setting with a twisting band that winds all the way to the centre diamond, look no further than the Star Carat Classic Glow Diamond Ring. This ring features a brilliant 1.05 ct diamond gem in the H grade and VS1 grade in colour and clarity respectively.

Twisted Paved Setting

Whilst the twisted solitaire rings are indeed popular, there’s no stopping you if you wish to add a little more sparkle. Take a step further by including pave accent diamonds to enjoy increased brilliance and lustre! 

Star Carat Glamour Diamond Ring

Our Star Carat Glamour Diamond Ring is made up of tightly wound diamonds that crisscross their way up to the centre diamond. Its paved setting is highly raved amongst couples who wish to show off their diamond detailing (33 diamonds in total, to be exact!) on the metal band. The total carat weight of the ring rounds up to 1.27 ct, with the centre ring taking up 1 ct alone.

Twisted Halo 

Star Carat Iridescent Diamond Ring

A twisted band doesn’t necessarily have to be the star of the show – it can accentuate the stunning center diamond for maximum sparkle. Take a look at Star Carat Iridescent Diamond Ring and you’ll understand how. The delicate twist draws the eye up to the 1.03 ct centre diamond, while the 31 pave accent diamonds in a halo setting helps to amplify the scintillation and sparkle. With diamonds that score J colour grade, you won’t want to wait to show this rock off!

Go For Classic With A Twist

Twist diamond engagement rings have been one of the popular choices amongst brides-to-be, and it’s easy to see why. On top of its versatility, the twist also allows for a lot of creativity in diamond placements. Moreover, you have the option to pair it with other rings as many of their designs can be simple and elegant. For instance, you can complement a twist solitaire ring with an eternity ring, and you’d have a stunning pair sitting on your ring finger!

At Star Carat Shop, we are determined to help you find your dream ring to propose with. We take pride in giving you top-notched quality – in both diamonds and service. Our lab grown diamonds are both IGI certified and classified as Type IIA – a category wherein only the top 2% of the world’s diamond qualify.

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