The More, The Merrier: The Know-How To Jewellery Stacking

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Stacks on stacks on stacks! Stacking jewellery has become one of the most popular ways to accessorise and we can see why! Not only are you able to finally use the jewellery you’ve tucked away in your drawers, but the few statement pieces you’ve put together will also create bigger and bolder styles that will reflect your personal expression of style.

With that said, there’s more to just throwing random pieces together. There’s an art to stacking jewellery; an interplay of chunky to thin and the method of mixing the different metals.

Before you overwhelm yourself, this guide will give a general breakdown on how to stack jewellery – so you’d be on your way to creating a whole new style with what you can find in your jewellery box.

Nesting Rings

There are a few hard and fast rules when it comes to stacking rings. It’s a pure balancing act; you cannot stack rings on all fingers, and the stackable rings will look best if they don’t have thick metal bands. With 3 being the minimum number of rings, you can stack your rings as long as your knuckles can be bent.

Blend textures, widths, metals and stone! A simple tip to stacking your rings is to pair a solitaire ring with an eternity ring. The solitaire diamond complements the smaller diamonds that are set on a precious metal band. By adding more diamonds on a single finger, it not only adds another dimension to the overall aesthetic, but you can also revel in greater shine and brilliance.

Star Carat Classic Twisted Diamond Ring

Star Carat Classic Eternity Diamond Ring

For instance, you can pair our Star Carat Classic Twisted Diamond Ring with our Star Eternity Diamond Ring. Not only will you display several diamonds that range in sizes, but the white gold twisted setting also gives another intricate detail to this stunning pair of rings.

Star Carat Classic 4 Claw Diamond Ring

One reason why ring stacking has been in the rise is: it provides the flexibility of putting both your wedding band together with your engagement ring. You no longer need to put away one over the other, as you can proudly display them on the same finger! Imagine the symbolisation and sentimentality of 2 big chapters of your love story sitting nicely on a finger for you to show to the entire world!

Try that idea and opt for a classic diamond ring that allows for versatility so that pairing of the two rings will be easier. A solitaire ring such as our Star Carat Classic 4 Claw Diamond Ring is a piece of magnificent jewellery that stands alone but will also work wonders with another ring when paired.

Layering Necklaces

The trick to successfully stack necklaces is to simply vary their lengths, especially if they each have intricate and interesting details that you’d like to show off. Another tip is to prioritise one element you’d wish to mix and match your necklaces.

If you’re opting for different metals, opt for necklaces that have a simple design. If you’re going for ones that have an intricate design, avoid featuring different types of metals.

Since they are statement pieces by themselves, matching different attributes along with your overall outfit will be extremely challenging. Unless you’re opting for an eccentric look that transcends fashion norms, you may want to stay on the safe side and prioritise one attribute at a time. 

Starry Leaf Diamond Necklace 

Starry Interlocked Circles Diamond Necklace

Have a look at this beautiful pair: our Starry Leaf Diamond Necklace and Starry Interlocked Circles Diamond Necklace is a match made in heaven. Layering these two necklaces can easily give you a bold yet romantic look.

Starry Clover Pendant Necklace 

Star Carat Flower Diamond Necklace

If you have two eye-catching pendants you’d want to feature, wear them on the same length. Doing so will place them at the same level, thus ensuring that both charms receive the same amount of attention. Featuring the Starry Clover Pendant Necklace and the Star Carat Flower Diamond Necklace, this method of styling is sure to turn a few heads.

As you experiment with different lengths, textures and pendants always ensure to keep in mind the neckline of your top. What may work with one of your shirts may not necessarily work with another, so spend some time figuring out what works and what don’t.

Stacking Bracelets

Rings and necklaces aren’t the only jewellery items you can stack; bracelets work well when they are stacked and layered too! Go nuts with bracelets and stack them up to make a poignant fashion statement.

Starry Clover Diamond Bracelets

Starry Diamond Wheel Bracelet 

It’s hard to go wrong when it comes to bracelet stacking. You can opt for different shapes and thickness, but bracelets with the same thickness go well together too! If you’re opting for thin ones, you can work with 4-5 bracelets to make a statement.

Starry Heart Diamante Bracelet

Starry Sparkling Diamond Bracelet

For instance, the above-featured bracelets work well together not only due to their similar thickness, but also because they each have their unique details to add to the bigger picture.

Multiple Earrings

Nowadays, it’s uncommon to have several ear piercings. It’s also seen as fashion-forward to don multiple earrings as it allows you to display different types of designs at one go. Not to mention, you can mix and match your earrings – wear a dangling earring on one ear and studs on the other. You can get creative and mix and match according to what you like.

Star Carat Classic Hoop Cushion Diamond Earrings

Star Carat Classic Bloom Diamond Earrings

Starry Trio Diamante Earrings

Each style of earrings has their own unique sense of individuality, so think about how you wish to pair them with the other.

A pair of studs, such as the Star Carat Classic Bloom Diamond Earrings, is an elegant and classic piece of jewellery that can stand alone, or be paired with other types of earrings. If paired together with hoop earrings, such as the Star Carat Classic Hoop Cushion Diamond Earrings, your aesthetic will immediately become loud, bold and ostentatious. This pair is great if you wish to make a statement.

However, if you pair the studs with Starry Trio Diamante Earrings, it’ll immediately give you a prim and proper look, albeit with a little extra oomph. So pair your earrings well to attain the type of look and aesthetic you’re striving towards.

Mix And Match Colours

It’s time to jump on the trend and get yourself acquainted with coloured jewellery. Apart from details and textures, one of the attributes that you can choose to mix and match is the colour of your jewellery!

Mixing colours can actually bring out more contrast to the piece, thus making it even more outstanding and prominent. Be experimental and mix your gold with silver, or silver and gold! The choice is all yours!

Take a look at the featured pieces of jewellery below and mix and match according to your preference!

Starry Princess Crown Ring 

Starry Pointed Star Necklace

Starry Petal Earrings

Starry Line Earrings

 Mixing metals in jewellery has always been thought of as a fashion faux pas, but not if you’re doing it well! You are more than welcome to incorporate your gold earrings and stack it up with a silver pair, for instance, our Starry Petal Earrings and Starry Line Earrings.

One thing to keep in mind is your skin tone. When mixing the metals, always opt for metals that also suit your skin tone to complement your overall look beautifully.

Final thoughts

At Star Carat Shop, our goal has always been to deliver quality jewellery pieces that are befitting your preferences. With an extensive range of well-curated and timeless jewellery repertoire, from 1 carat diamond wedding rings to diamond necklaces in various styles, you’re bound to find jewellery that appeals to you.

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