How To Celebrate Your Engagement While Social Distancing

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Congratulations on finally popping the question! After letting the emotions settle, it’s now time for you and your partner to decide how to celebrate your engagement before the actual wedding planning begins.

With all the unpredictability of the COVID-19 pandemic, you might be wondering what’s the best way to break the good news to your loved ones and celebrate the momentous occasion, all while still maintaining social distancing rules.

The good news is: there are tons of creative ways to do so, even if you can’t get together in person for the time being. Here is how.

1. Have a virtual celebration.

Getting engaged is a great time to reconnect with your loved ones during this period. Just like meetings and many events have gone virtual in the past year, consider hosting a Zoom get-together for your closest family and friends to join you and your partner to show off your beautiful proposal ring and share the happiness.

It doesn’t have to require much planning, and there are tons of gift bags such as cocktail kits that you can send over for your virtual guests to enjoy in real-time. Not everyone is going to know each other, so send out e-vites early and prepare some activities for everyone to get involved.

2. Have a staycation.

It is also entirely okay to keep the celebration small by hosting a romantic staycation for just you and your partner. Staying home might do the job, but it never hurts to splurge on a fancy hotel once in a blue moon.

Use this time to start making plans for the wedding, talk about future goals and go for a relaxing massage before the wedding planning frenzy begins! After all, most of us would appreciate a mini getaway from the stress and anxiety caused by dealing with a pandemic without having to break the bank for a plane ticket.

3. Put the focus back on you and your partner.

Treating yourself is the name of the game when it comes to engagement parties, such as spending some extra cash on a fancy new appliance or home improvement project. A short weekend trip might just be what the two of you need, especially if both of you have been on hectic schedules and WFH has made it stuffy to stay at home.

Consider exploring the city like local tourists, plan a surprise makeover for each other,  or host a fun “Marry-Me-Oke” where both you and your partner can sing your hearts out for the final time as a couple before you officially become husband and wife.

4. Share your story with the world.

Another idea that features just you and your partner is to recreate your first date or any significant memory during your relationship. Take a walk down memory lane and visit the site of your first date wearing your fanciest outfits and consider creating a highlight reel of the day that both of you can look back on and enjoy for years to come.

Since TikTok has been all the craze recently, creating a clever engagement announcement utilizing TikTok’s fun features and effects is sure to make an impact on friends and family on social.

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At the end of the day, the most important part of the engagement is what it means to both you and your partner. This is a time to recognise how lucky the both of you are to have each other and to show your gratitude for the people around you who have been there since day one.

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