Can’t Stop This Love: 5 COVID-19 Wedding Proposal Ideas

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Let’s face it, COVID-19 has undoubtedly thrown plenty of curveballs at couples since it began, with many having to cancel their travel plans, switching up their date nights for staying at home and delaying the marriage proposal.

But creating a magical and unforgettable proposal doesn’t always have to be lavish or involve two tickets to Paris – there are plenty of equally creative and swoon-worthy ideas to propose to your better half without having to break any social distancing rules.

To help you get that spark of inspiration, here are 5 ideas to start!

1. Plan a fun photoshoot at home

Make the most of this period by grabbing your significant other to partake in a cosy home photoshoot! A great excuse to capture the sweet memories leading up to the moment you surprise her with the proposal ring, prepare some props such as a bouquet and heart-shaped balloons to ramp up the atmosphere.

You could even pre-film a video and create a befitting storyline just for her, and as it reaches the climax, pop the question! It will take some extra work for sure, but they will never see it coming!

2. A virtual proposal with your loved ones

If having your loved ones around during this momentous occasion means the world to both you and your partner, organize a Zoom virtual party disguised as a simple get-together!

It will be helpful to set a theme and inform everyone (except your partner) of what to expect. You could even set up some decorations like fairy lights and put on matching couple outfits, and also prep some activities for everyone to get involved.

Wait for the golden opportunity to make your proposal speech and then slide the ring on her finger – all while staying connected to the ones you hold dearest.

3. Organise a romantic treasure hunt

Got a partner who’s always up for a challenge? Why not create a unique, personal experience for the both of you by organising a treasure hunt that incorporates all your most significant memories, photographs and items in your relationship.

If you decide to have it at home, leave love notes all around the house and get them to search for clues – with the final treasure itself being you waiting on one knee with the proposal ring.

Do plan this in advance to make sure everything runs smoothly without any hiccups,  and if you decide to do it outside – rope in your friends and family to help you seal the deal!

4. Usual date night with a twist

What do you and your partner enjoy doing on date nights? Use that as inspiration and spice things up a little – enjoy going to museums? Sign up for a tour and see if you can organise something special at the end of it.

This is also a great time to leverage your strengths – if you are musically talented, write a song just for the proposal and serenade her when she least expects it.

Even if you don’t have the luxury of a picturesque backdrop overseas, there are tons of places that you can visit in Singapore that will offer the same ambience and romance. Even a simple walk to your usual park or beach hangout can transform into something meaningful when you light it up with votive candles and a bunch of polaroid pictures.

5. A special meal for two

Simple can sometimes mean better. If both of you enjoy the quiet, more intimate moments, why not pop the question on a lazy Sunday morning by making them breakfast in bed or whip up a special menu just for the two of you?

For sweet, sweet endings, have “Marry Me” frosted on the dessert plate and carefully place the engagement ring in one of the dishes. You can even curate a playlist filled with the tunes that embody your relationship.

A proposal ring that withstands the test of time

If you’re all ready to propose but COVID-19 has altered your original plans, not to worry! With a little creativity and lots of love, you can still pull off the perfect engagement.

With more time for deliberate and thoughtful planning, the possibilities are truly endless. And what better way to celebrate your relationship for conquering all the odds in such a trying period than a sparkling engagement ring?

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