Diamond Mining Vs Diamond Growing: What You Need To Know

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When it comes to purchasing gorgeous diamond rings, you’re spoilt for choice – what with the plethora of breathtaking designs and cuts available in the market. And if you’re on a quest to search for the perfect proposal ring, there’s nothing as wonderfully romantic as commemorating one of life’s monumental milestones than with a show-stopping diamond!

While the significance and intention behind your precious gem may triumph all else, the provenance of your sparkler and its craftmanship is worth looking into. After all, it’s best to conduct your due diligence as a consumer to uncover the many facts and facets of your chosen diamond before deciding to invest in one.

While mined and lab-grown diamonds may seem identical in appearance, their attributes and origins are starkly different. Although lab-grown diamonds used to be categorised as inferior to mined diamonds, that is no longer the case. Without further ado, let us delve into the distinctions between both gems to help you make an informed decision!

The truth behind procuring mined diamonds

The key variance between mined and lab-grown diamonds lies in their manufacturing process. Natural diamonds are produced deep in the Earth’s mantle, where extreme pressure and high temperatures compact the surrounding carbon into crystallised diamond clumps. Rare volcanic activity pushes these rough diamonds close to the surface, where they lie in kimberlite pipes until they’re discovered and harvested.

However, only an estimated five per cent of kimberlite pipes contain enough diamond to be economically feasible. As much as we can’t deny the dazzling beauty of natural diamonds, the diamond mining process is incredibly unethical and destructive – having been the cause of abuse, violence, conflict and environmental devastation in its wake.

The origins of lab-grown diamonds

Sustainability is all the rage nowadays, and lab-grown diamonds are spearheading the diamond industry. Created in state-of-the-art laboratories designed to simulate the geological factors of natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are created using the High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition) system to ensure that they possess the same attributes as mined diamonds, be it physically, chemically, or optically. The lab-grown diamonds are then taken to world-renowned labs to be cut, graded, and polished.

Lab-grown diamonds: the sustainable choice

If you wish to revel in the glamour of a stunning diamond without partaking in environmentally degrading activities, then purchasing lab-grown diamonds grants you the best of both worlds!

For the uninitiated, the procurement of mined diamonds utilises technologies that remove massive layers of the Earth. This is a brutal business, for mines churn up vast swathes of land, pollute waterways with toxic chemicals, and devastate wildlife. The mining process also breeds unscrupulous production practices that exploit workers.

While harvesting natural diamonds causes irreversible destruction to Mother Nature, lab-grown diamonds have no adverse effects – making them a sustainable investment. Not only does growing man-made diamonds in the lab require no mining nor extraction, but there is also a reduced carbon footprint!

Furthermore, with lab-grown diamonds, you ascertain that you’re purchasing ethically sourced gems – this is because you’re able to trace their origins via a reputable jeweller. As such, if you value ethical purchases, then lab-created diamonds are superb jewellery alternatives.

Lab-grown diamonds: exceptional value and quality

Lab-grown diamonds are indistinguishable from mined diamonds, even under a microscope. While their disparities are generally indiscernible, they do possess prominent similarities, specifically in quality. For instance, you can purchase lab-grown diamonds with an equally superb calibre akin to those of premium mined gems!

Since lab-grown diamonds are produced in a controlled environment, the chances of manufacturing a flawed gem are significantly reduced. Unlike mined diamonds that can take billions of years to form, lab-grown diamonds generally take less than a month – making them more accessible and affordable to the masses.

Plus, if you purchase lab-created diamonds from esteemed jewellery shops such as Star Carat, you’ll be able to pamper yourself to an array of quality diamonds worthy of the Type IIA grade, a class that signifies unparalleled quality in the market!

Let your diamond ring speak volumes of your affection

Diamond mining has been the source of countless flawless diamonds for centuries. However, they often come tagged at exorbitant prices and unethical practices. Thankfully, professional diamond growers can now replicate a diamond of equal excellence to natural diamonds, without carrying the negative impact of mining them.

If you desire to purchase an alluring diamond proposal ring that your partner will treasure for a lifetime without breaking the bank, lab-grown diamond wedding rings are perfect for you!

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