5 Do’s And Don’ts For An Unforgettable Marriage Proposal

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So, you have made up your mind to propose to the girl of your dreams. Problem is, you have no idea how to start, and most importantly – how to make it a memorable one.

On top of getting an alluring diamond proposal ring, there are a couple of elements that are worth paying extra attention to. Whether it’s a grand gesture, an intimate moment, or a surprise surrounded by precious family and friends, avoid the most common proposal blunders by checking this list of dos and don’ts in your process!

1. Do know what your partner wants.

This is the time to test whether or not you know the type of girl your partner is and plan accordingly. Is she a social butterfly who would enjoy a proposal with her best gal pals or family around? Or perhaps she would prefer a more private proposal with just you and her at home?

Doing anything the both of you enjoy as a couple is a great way to start thinking of possibilities. As much as possible, highlight unique features about your love story and use those elements in the proposal to really score some creativity points!

Bonus tip: make sure to let your partner in on the dress code and ask her to get glammed up – this is her special moment after all, and she will most likely want to look her best upon donning her diamond engagement ring!

2. Do plan ahead.

A good rule of thumb is to start planning for a proposal at least 1-3 months in advance. Finding the perfect proposal ring does take time, and if you are on a tight budget, it is important that you source out engagement ring prices before making any decisions. As spontaneous as you would like to be, it is highly not recommended to play daredevil and always assume that things will not go according to plan.

What will you do should your initial plans be ruined due to bad weather, or if your partner has to OT at the last minute? Will you propose somewhere else or reschedule the proposal altogether? Knowing the answers to these questions and having a plan B or C reduces your stress if things do go off course.

Depending on how elaborate of a set-up you want the proposal or if you’re enlisting the help of friends and family, the amount of time you need to plan the proposal should change accordingly.

3. Do get inspired, but make the idea your own.

There are tons of great proposal ideas scattered across the web. But while you want to gather as many ideas as possible, it’s always best to personalise it further and make it your own.

Adding in sentimental touches, such as choosing to propose at your favourite spot in town, giving her a bouquet of her favourite flowers matching the number of years you’ve been together, or incorporating you and your partner’s common interests is a sure way to strike a romantic cord.

4. Do have a plan for the follow-through.

This is one of those moments that, if it goes well, also goes by in a happy blur. You’ll want pictures to help you and your now-fiancé remember the details of the event and to post on your wedding website and Instagram.

Amidst all the palms sweating and emotions, you might also want to think about what to say after she says “Yes.” Guys often are surprised at how completely tongue-tied they get when it comes down to the exact moment, so do prepare a small gathering with friends or something to do to celebrate the new milestone.

5. Don’t sweat the small stuff and focus too much on perfection.

The long-standing tradition of proposing with an engagement ring and going down on one knee communicates your sincerity and commitment to loving your partner through thick and thin. On top of being a timeless, tangible representation of your love, a stunning proposal ring combined with a well-thought-out proposal is sure to catch her off guard and make the occasion extra exciting and memorable!

Sometimes, things can go wrong, but that’s perfectly okay. Practice your lines, get her in a good mood, and confidently express your love for her – after all, the story of how you proposed is going to be retold for many years to come, so do make sure it’s a story you are proud to share.

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