5 Heartfelt Conversations To Have Before Tying The Knot

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While it’s perfectly normal for couples to be swept away by the whirlwind of emotions after the proposal – instead of going head-first into the wedding plans, it’s a good time to dive deeper beyond surface issues and sort out the nitty-gritty details of the next big chapter.

After all, you have spent months and years nurturing the relationship to get it to where it is today, so what’s a couple of ‍hours more for a lifetime of marital bliss?

And relationship experts agree that these conversations do matter. Here are the five conversations you need to have with your soon-to-be spouse before walking down the aisle.

1. Roles and responsibilities

There are plenty of things that come along with married life and this includes living together under the same roof. There are chores to do, dishes to wash and multiple commitments on top of your career and personal life.

Have both you and your partner discussed how your day-to-day would change once you move in together? What are some of the quirky habits that they should know about? What about me-time and time with friends and family?

Gaining clarity on such matters and landing on the same page is what will make your relationship stronger in the long run. If you have to, sit down and map out a clear plan to communicate your expectations.

2. Goals and values

Happily married couples would agree that morals and values are key factors in a thriving marriage. Perhaps your partner has a dream about starting their own business, or you have plans of migrating to a different location. Both of you should be the supporting pillars for each other and be clear on what you want to start building a solid foundation for the future.

Are there certain principles that you abide by that you can’t overlook? What about your love languages and attachment styles? Knowing these will minimise any build-up of stress and tension over time and keep you aligned with your partner.

3. Having and raising kids

Starting a family is often the next major milestone in a marriage. This is the perfect time to discuss whether or not both you and your partner plan to have children in the near future. If necessary, are you willing to explore the idea of adoption? Or perhaps you are keen on having a furry family instead?

Ideas of how you will discipline the children and the timetable in which you plan to grow the family is also a good start, even if that seems light-years away from now.

4. Income and finances

One of the biggest pain points for married couples is undoubtedly money. Would you want to have separate accounts or pool all your money in one joint account? What are the career paths of both you and your spouse-to-be heading? Who is the spender and the saver in the relationship?

These are just some of the questions that need to be answered to help you get a better idea of how to make things work especially during such unpredictable times.

Figure out what works for the both of you and predict how your relationship, income and spending will evolve in the next 5 to 10 years.

5. Fights and arguments

There are bound to be petty arguments and fights during a relationship, but what matters is how both you and your partner handle them. Talk about how you will work through and manage conflicts, and if needed, compromise and meet your partner in the middle without having to overstep your boundaries.

Make sure you take into account each other’s feelings and respect their thoughts and emotions. Everything else can be worked upon and improved over time.

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