The Latest Celebrity Craze: Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery

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Ever since its first arrival in the diamond industry, the lab grown diamonds have been making its waves. They have altered and transformed the diamond procuring process by offering a viable alternative to the mined diamonds. The allure of these synthetic stones has appealed to many, and we now see celebrities jumping on the bandwagon. Slowly but surely, these lab grown diamonds are gaining acceptance in not only the diamond industry, but also mainstream society. Here’s why.

What Constitute A Lab Grown Diamond?

The technology to produce a quality lab grown diamond has improved significantly to a stage where we can now create diamonds that are optically, physically and chemically similar to mined diamonds! As a brief rundown, lab grown diamonds are created via two processes: High Pressure-High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). Diamonds that underwent the HPHT process started as small diamond seeds that were placed in the HPHT diamond machines to be exposed to high pressure and temperature. Alternatively, CVD diamonds were originally thin slices of diamond seeds that were then placed in a carbon-rich sealed chamber and later heated.

A Lab Grown Diamond vs A Mined Diamond

These two forms of diamonds hold more similarities than differences. Since both of them are made out of carbon, their chemical compositions are essentially the same. In order to attain a brilliant shine, both gems are treated with the same meticulous approach when cutting and polishing. At Star Carat, our lab grown diamonds are internationally certified by IGI and graded under the same 4C diamond grading specifications. In fact, our diamonds are categorised as Type IIA diamonds – a group of diamonds that make up only 2% of the world’s mined diamond due to their rare quality.

Apart from their origins, the other significant difference includes the time needed to produce these diamonds. Compared to the billions of years mined diamonds spent buried under the Earth surface, lab grown diamonds take a few weeks to develop – made possible thanks to the technological advancement. With easier accessibility and fast procurement, this allows them to have a lower price point compared to their mined counterparts, making them a lot more attractive. We can only see this trend improving, especially when several notable celebrities were spotted donning these sparkly gems.

Celebrities Sporting Lab Grown Jewellery

Partnering with celebrities to endorse a brand or cause has been proven to be an effective and lucrative method. Seeing as how they are always under the spotlight, they automatically push a brand’s mainstream visibility and credibility with just one-time wear.

Just look at the conversation that sparked after Harry Potter star Emma Watson’s arrival at the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty, wearing a vast array of lab grown jewellery. Her earrings alone were made from lab-grown diamonds and recycled gold.

And Emma Watson wasn’t the only one. The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, was also seen sporting a pair of lab-created diamond earrings while on an event in London. These two prominent women only further demonstrate how lab grown jewellery have risen as one of the most favoured fashion pieces.

HPHT Diamond Machines, 4C Diamond Grading Star Carat Classic Bloom Diamond Earrings

The classics will never go out of fashion any time soon. The refined quality imbued in a traditional set of diamond earrings makes them a timeless piece that will suit any event. Take a look our Star Carat Classic Bloom Diamond Earrings and you’ll see why.

HPHT Diamond Machines, 4C Diamond Grading Star Carat Classic Hoop Cushion Diamond Earrings

If you desire something with a little more character, our Star Carat Classic Hoop Cushion Diamond Earrings are a perfect choice. Displaying a total of 56 lab grown diamonds in total, these earrings are available in both 18K white gold and rose gold. Trust us when we say that this exquisite pair will steal the show. 

While we’re on the topic of earrings, we can’t omit rings from the discussion. As an embodiment of a love story shared between two individuals, the significance of a ring has always been clear as day. Even today, a proposal without a ring feels almost incomplete.

July 24th last year marked a very special day for Bindi Irwin. Not only was it her birthday, but she was also proposed to by her longtime boyfriend, Chandler Powell. The daughter of the late Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, shared the wonderful news by showcasing her new lab created diamond engagement ring on her Instagram.

HPHT Diamond Machines, 4C Diamond Grading Star Carat Classic Pave Diamond Ring

If you want to follow Bindi Irwin’s example, take a look at our Star Carat Classic Pave Diamond Ring! The stunning diamond is set in an exquisite pave diamond setting in 18K white gold. It’s the perfect ring for those who prefer simplicity.

While it wasn’t an engagement ring, Riverdale actress Camila Mendes was seen wearing a 5-carat lab grown pink diamond set on a 14K gold band at the 2018 People’s Choice Awards. Who’s to say that you can only wear a diamond ring only when your partner has popped a question?

HPHT Diamond Machines, 4C Diamond Grading Star Carat Fancy Diamond Ring

Just like Camila Mendes, you don’t necessarily need to wait for a proposal to don a fancy diamond ring. Wear the extravagant Star Carat Fancy Diamond Ring in an event and watch those around you marvel at how gorgeous the ring is. This ring is designed to have a whopping total of 78 lab grown diamonds set in a luxurious 18K white gold setting. You’re bound to make an impression just with your ring alone!

Underrated but never irrelevant, necklaces are statement pieces themselves. By decorating the neckline and décolleté, these jewellery accessories are a definite eye-catcher.

HPHT Diamond Machines, 4C Diamond Grading Star Carat Classic Diamond Necklace

Our Star Carat Classic Diamond Necklace’s simple design allows for versatility whenever you need to mix and match your accessories with your outfits. This necklace features a lab grown diamond solitaire pendent set in a 4 prong 18K white gold that will give your entire image a subtle elegant touch.


When lab grown diamonds first entered the market as a prominent player, they provide a feasible alternative that meets the demands of conscious luxury jewellery. While global stars are donning lab grown diamond jewellery costing 5 to 6 figures, you can get on top of this trend with a more price-accessible option at Star Carat. Take inspiration from these stars and incorporate it into your personal style – book an appointment with us today