4 Reasons Why Your Mum Deserves A Diamond This Mother’s Day

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As a certain Hollywood blonde bombshell once said, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. It’s been the star of almost every significant occasion – from birthdays, engagements to sacred marital unions. But why are these scintillating gems reserved for momentous moments when they could be gifted for so many other reasons and on many other occasions that are less life-changing but significant and sentimental all the same?

In fact, one of those special occasions is coming up very soon: Mother’s Day! There is no better day to dedicate an entire day to the person who has raised you, birthdays notwithstanding. On this day, you’ll want to make sure that your appreciation and gratitude is expressed through your gifts. Surely, our mothers deserve more than just a beautiful bouquet of (half-dead) flowers.

This Mother’s Day, why not make it extra special by giving your hero sparkling diamond jewellery as their gift? Here are 4 good reasons why you may want to consider doing so.

3. A Gift That Encompasses Love

Diamonds have been associated with love for over centuries, and often, this love was thought to be limited to romantic love. Now, almost every proposal ring features a beautiful, sparkling diamond or two. Slowly yet surely, diamonds are almost only synonymous with engagement rings and wedding rings.

But no longer! Over the past few years, this love that diamond is associated with has now been expanded to include different types of love outside romantic ones. Platonic and familial love are just some of a few.

If you have trouble putting your feelings across, have a diamond to do it for you! The gift of fine jewellery speaks volumes by itself and you can still express that you love them without having to put it in words.

4. She Deserves Diamonds

Our mothers have done so much for us, more than we ever realised. Gracefully adopting the herculean task of raising a child, making tough decisions and sacrifices, and selflessly giving us love are just a smidge of the things they did. Unfortunately, a lot of the times, such things flew past our heads and we never really truly appreciated how tough of a job it is to be a parent. And whilst no doubt, every mother loved all the cards, flowers and teddy bears you gave them as a Mother’s Day gift, why not give her a gift that reflects the work she had put in – a gift that she’s always deserved?

Though we should celebrate Mother’s Day every single year (or every day, in fact), this past year has been particularly challenging. Due to the pandemic, so much has fallen on our mothers’ shoulders. They are expected to juggle multiple roles at once, even more than before. So, for this year’s Mother’s Day, a gift that truly caters to them will mean so much more. By gifting them jewellery that they can wear and keep for a lifetime, the sentiment that goes behind celebrating their person and the things they have done will also create a memory that will last just as long – perhaps, maybe even more.

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