Your Proposal Checklist: 6 Things To Do Before Proposing

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You’re determined to dedicate the later years of your life to the love of your life and after much deliberation, you’ve decided that it’s finally time that you pop the question. Planning the proposal is nerve-wracking for all sorts of reason but first thing first, how do you even go about it? Surely, there needs to be some form of preparation before you go down on one knee. Luckily for you, we’ve gathered helpful tips for when you’re going to propose to your partner!

Have A Conversation With Their Family

Before you surprise your partner with a grand proposal, it’s best to not only have the marriage conversation with your partner, but also their family members. After all, you’re not only marrying your partner, but also their family. Thus, it is only courteous to bring them into the picture in your proposal plan and you’d even score some brownie points while you’re at it. Furthermore, you can also ask them for opinions and ideas, and they might even throw a hint or two.

Get The Ideal Engagement Ring And Get It Right

A proposal wouldn’t be complete without a brilliant engagement ring. When it comes to getting the right engagement ring, there are several factors that you will have to take into consideration.

First and foremost, you’ll have to establish a budget you can work with. A classic diamond ring is an ideal option for any engagement ring but if you deemed it too costly to be included in your budget, there are always other options! If you still wish to opt for a diamond ring that’s priced significantly lower, you may want to consider the diamond alternative, lab grown diamonds. They are similar in terms of chemical composition, physicality and opticality. Furthermore, they’re much more affordable than your mined diamonds – a 0.4 carat mined diamond ring and a 1 carat lab created diamond at Star Carat have the same price point!

Apart from the budget, you need to consider your partner’s preferences and personal tastes: from their preferred gemstone to metal band and even, the type of prong! You can always use the 4C grading system as a guide – which lets you have a better idea on the quality of the diamonds. At Star Carat, our lab grown diamonds are highly scarce and rare, classified under Type IIA. Finally, ensure that you get their ring size right, or everything will be for nought!

Plan Your Proposal Speech

When you’ve decided to plan a memorable proposal, the last thing you want to do is fumble through your words as you kneel down on one knee. Spontaneity may not always work, and you might regret not saying everything that you wish to, so it is best to start preparing a proposal speech. You can include the special moments you shared as a couple or promises of the future – your proposal will be a touching memory to cherish.

Figure Out the Location

You’ve narrowed down the engagement ring they would like and a proposal speech that will hopefully floor them, the next step is to figure out how exactly you should present them and pop the question. To do this right, know what your partner likes. It wouldn’t do if you propose in a public setting if they’re a private person. You can also think about places that carry significant meaning to the both of you: where you both first met, the restaurant where you had your first date, or simply during a hotel staycation together. Whether it’s something grand that resembles a Disney fairy-tale or one that’s simple and intimate, your sincerity and efforts are guaranteed to be appreciated.

Prepare Photographers on Stand-By

Of course, you’d need to remember this momentous moment by capturing their reaction. The myriads of expressions that cross their face are something the two of you would want to revisit in the near future. The images captured can also be shown during the wedding ceremony and let your guests gush at the beautiful moment. Thus, get your photographers ready, either your friends or professionals, and instruct them to stand discreetly a few metres away.

Pick a Date

Finally, the last step to a successful proposal is to pick the right date! An intimate proposal can’t possibly happen if your partner isn’t around; thus, you will have to plan the proposal around their schedule. Keep this in mind before you book a reservation at a restaurant or engage in a photographer’s services. If you wish to include your close family and friends in the proposal, ensure that they are also available on that date.


There you have it, the ingredients for a successful proposal! These will help you get started and you can plan it according to you and your partner’s preferences. Shop at Star Carat for the ideal ring to propose with and steel your nerves before you pop the question! Afterwards, this joyous occasion calls for a huge celebration and some champagne popping.