Your Essential Guide to Understanding Lab Grown Diamonds

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Frequently Asked Questions about Lab-Grown Diamonds.

Are Lab diamonds real? What’s the difference between Lab Diamonds, Diamond Simulants and Synthetic diamonds?

The answer is a simple yes. Lab diamonds are 100% carbon and share identical physical, optical and chemical properties as mined diamonds. Jewellery experts cannot tell the difference between a lab and natural diamonds. The key difference is in the origin. Lab diamonds are also not the same as diamond simulants. Diamond simulants like Moissanite, cubic zirconia, and white topaz do not have the same chemical composition, physical properties, or optical behaviour of a diamond. Diamond simulant is also known to be weaker, softer and has a different light performance as compared to a diamond. Sometimes, lab-grown diamonds are referred to as synthetic diamonds. While not factually incorrect, the term “synthetic” may lead people to perceive lab made diamonds as ‘fake”.

Can a trained eye tell that a diamond is lab-grown?

No. Even to a trained eye, mined diamonds and lab diamonds of the same quality look identical. Tools such as microscope and loupe are unable to detect the difference between a lab diamond and a mined diamond. In order to detect a lab diamond reliably, special tools are needed to analyse the structure of the stone on a very detailed level. Such tools are usually found in gemological laboratories, which inspect and grade diamonds. The best way to differentiate a lab diamond from a natural diamond is the grading certificate.

Why are Lab diamonds not perfect in its 4Cs?

The reason is simply because lab diamonds are grown by replicating the conditions of that natural diamonds in the ground. Lab-grown diamonds have the variations of colour and clarity that exist in mined diamonds. On the average, lab-grown diamonds are generally better quality as compared to average mined diamonds. However, in terms of the colour and clarity, lab diamonds range across the spectrum.

Why are Lab diamonds less expensive than comparable Mined diamonds?

It boils down to the process time; from the origin of the diamonds to the cut. The journey from mine to market is significantly longer, requiring a more laborious effort using miners, and passing through several hands before the diamonds reach the retailers. Lab diamonds supply chain is much shorter and more efficient, skipping the lengthy mining process, making them significantly less expensive.

Why are 1-carat lab diamonds not priced the same?

All diamonds, mined and lab-grown, are priced based on the Rapaport pricing method, an internationally accepted pricing system. The cost of lab grown diamond differs from mined diamonds as the system establish prices of diamonds based on their 4Cs. So, whether it is a lab created or mined diamond, no two diamonds of the same 4c diamond grading specifications are priced the same. This gives you more options when choosing your ideal one carat diamond engagement ring that fits your budget.