Why Lab Grown Diamonds Are The Best Everyday Diamonds

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For a long time, diamonds have been popular, sought-after gems that are often the ideal choice for a ring. Apart from its reputation for being the perfect embodiment of love and commitment, they are also widely recognised for being a gorgeous stone that has the propensity to last for a lifetime. Thus, the steady rise in demand is only understandable.

With that said, a new alternative has rolled into the market: lab grown diamonds.

Millennials and Gen Zs are choosing lab grown diamonds as their preferred jewellery, especially when for everyday wear. In fact, 70% of millennials stated that they would look into buying this gem as opposed to their mined counterparts. We dive into the reasons why.

What Makes Lab Grown Diamonds Different

As one of the most admired stones in the world, diamonds have successfully bewitched many with its dazzling and brilliant appearance. Such beauty is possible because of the geological conditions: high heat and intense pressure. Carbon will crystallise and develop into rough diamonds before they are mined and extracted from the ground. Then, it gets polished and examined to determine whether it would be able to finally make their way into the hands of consumers.  

Comparatively, the origins of lab grown diamonds are slightly different. As the name suggests, lab grown diamonds are developed in a stringent and regulated environment. Started out as a diamond seed, they are later placed in either HPHT diamond machines or chambers rich in carbon gas. These machines replicate the geological environment by exposing these seeds to intense heat and pressure. Within a few weeks, these seeds will develop into what is referred to as lab grown diamonds!

Choosing Your Lab Grown Diamonds Well

The origins may differ, but the characteristics of lab grown diamonds are still comparable to mined diamonds! Since they have identical chemical compositions and gemological properties to their mined counterparts, you can also deduce that not all lab grown diamonds are the same!

Similar to mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds have their nuanced clarity and colour grade, for instance. The impurities that trapped in the lattices give rise to a range of hues and saturation levels – D (colourless) to K (yellow undertone) grades. Its crystal structure and durability – they score a 10 on the MOHs scale – also ensure that these diamonds won’t cloud over time. They are the perfect gem for everyday jewellery!

Likewise, you will also need to select your lab grown diamonds carefully. As a general rule of thumb, you can use the 4C diamond grading rubric to determine the quality of the diamond. Furthermore, be sure to check on the diamond’s certification! For instance, not only are our Star Carat diamonds IGI certified, but they are also acknowledged as Type IIA diamonds that make up only 2% of diamonds in the market. Thus, ensure that you know your options before you choose a lab grown diamond that matches your budget and suitable for everyday wear.

Wallet-Friendly Classic Designs

One of the attributes that have sparked the interest of many is its affordable price point! Environmentally-conscious consumers will not have to worry about breaking the bank to purchase a magnificent rock to place on their finger. Here are a few classic designs you may want to consider buying for yourself or your loved ones.

Classic Diamond Ring, Diamond Necklace

Starry Trio Diamante Earrings

Have a look at our Star Trio Diamante Earrings! This timeless pair of diamonds earrings exude an elegance that will not come second to your other jewellery pieces. With its attainable cost, this classic pair is guaranteed to bring a smile to your loved one’s face. 


Classic Diamond Ring, Diamond Necklace

Starry Classic Line Necklace

If you wish for a jewellery item to decorate the clavicle (also known as the beauty bone), look no further! Our Starry Classic Line Necklace features 13 small diamonds that will bedazzle your collarbone. Simple yet tasteful, this diamond necklace is bound to be your next daily favourite accessory.

Star Carat Diamonds

For those who wish to spoil your loved ones even more, be it your Mom, sister, or best friend – you may want to have a look at our eclectic range in our Star Carat Diamonds catalogue. These Star Carat lab grown diamonds have a slightly higher price point than our Starry line, but they offer almost twice the carat size for the same price tag as mined diamonds. This means double the sparkle you’ll get to enjoy!

Here are a few classic designs that might just tickle your fancy.


Classic Diamond Ring, Diamond Necklace

Star Carat Classic Glow Diamond Ring

A jewellery collection is not complete if there isn’t a diamond solitaire ring. Regarded as a jewellery staple, this classic diamond ring features a round 2 carat diamond set on an 18K white gold setting. Furthermore, its simple design makes it perfect for everyday wear!


Classic Diamond Ring, Diamond Necklace

Star Carat Classic Diamond Necklace

As a timeless diamond necklace, our Star Carat Classic Diamond Necklace offers a subtle elegance that is suitable for any sort of occasion. You can never go wrong with this diamond necklace to add a touch of sparkle to your everyday outfit. 


Classic Diamond Ring, Diamond Necklace

Star Carat Classic Diamond Earrings

Another staple to your jewellery collection, they are the junction between your hairstyle, face and outfit. No jewellery item balances and ties your appearance as well as a pair of earrings. Our Star Carat Classic Diamond Earrings are a pair of solitaire diamond earrings that can seamlessly tie your appearance whilst still giving that extra yet subtle oomph.


Similar to mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds are exceptional gems that not only look amazing, but they are also durable to withstand daily wear and tear. They are the perfect gems for everyday wear – especially for those who are socially and environmentally conscious about where their purchases come from.

With just a few clicks, our virtual concierge service is available on our website where you can access a one-to-one consultation with our jewellery consultant. In fact, we are also offering a S$300 discount for every online purchase of a Star Carat Diamond that’s 0.9 carats or above!

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