Why I Choose A Lab Grown Diamond Ring For My Other Half

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I met my fiancée when we were studying at the same university. Our friendship was forged over a few drinks, which later bloom into something more. In the 5 years that we’ve spent together as lovers, her quirks and idiosyncratic ways never failed to amaze me. One of which was her firm belief of sustainable consumption. This is the same person that would opt for pre-loved clothes as opposed to fast fashion and would painstakingly source out skincare products that are not just animal-cruelty free, but also ethically sourced.

Of course, this sentiment also bleeds into the options I have for an engagement ring that I was going to propose to her with. That’s where I stumbled across lab grown diamonds.

My discovery of lab grown diamonds

I jumped into the diamond engagement ring shopping scene without knowing the first thing about a diamond. Let’s say, clueless was a bit of an understatement. Luckily for me, my girlfriend’s preference has always been minimalism with a touch of sophistication and elegance. Of course, the first thing that came to my mind was mined diamonds – they are iconic, brilliant, and sparkles beautifully on the hand.

Except, as beautiful as they are known to be, they were gemstones that didn’t align with my fiancée’s beliefs and value system. I didn’t want to propose her with a ring that she would have reservations wearing – it would also mean I’d be dismissing her values. But I’d still would love to give her the best.


Upon further digging, I came across another category of diamonds that I didn’t know existed before! Lab grown diamonds are diamond alternatives that were procured in ways that involve do not involve the standard diamond mining process. Instead, it is done by obtaining carbon seeds that are placed in a stringent environment, which mimics the same geological process. Thereafter, it will bloom into a mature diamond in a matter of weeks! It was exciting to learn that lab grown diamonds provide a better alternative that has lesser carbon footprint and is more sustainable, while offering the same brilliancy and fire, all of which satisfies my requirements.

You would think that the difference in origin and the short amount of time in these labs would compromise the quality of these diamonds. To my surprise – and perhaps, yours – it didn’t! Apparently, despite having been grown in labs, lab grown diamonds are chemically, physically and optically identical to their mined counterparts. And since they are grown in a replicated environment, they also have inclusions that affect their clarity, just like mined diamonds. No two lab grown diamonds are ever alike – they also undergo the strict 4C grading to ascertain its quality! This, on top of the various designs and cuts, means the range of options that I had was more than extensive.

An affordable option

One fantastic plus point to getting a lab grown diamond ring is its affordable price point! Whilst searching for the classic diamond ring, I’ve realised that many of the lab grown diamonds cost 30% to 50% less than mined diamonds. I’ve gotten my fiancée’s engagement ring for a little over SGD4,000 and the ring sports a stunning 1.5 carat round diamond.

The average price of a mined diamond with the same diamond may have easily cost me SGD$7,000 or more. When comparing the two price tags, the answer was clear.

The beauty of online shopping

Even with the amount of research that I’ve attempted during the weeks prior to the actual proposal, it wouldn’t amount to the knowledge that these professional jewellery consultants have. Whilst having assistance is undoubtedly great, I needed more time to make the decision instead of merely walking into a physical store and making the purchase straightaway. For something as special and significant as a proposal ring, I had to know this is the right one.

This is why online shopping has always been my go-to preference for anything, and now, diamond ring shopping. It may be the fact that I may have gotten a tad too comfortable with the convenience and ease to check-out my cart, but online shopping provides a safe space for me to browse over my options without any pressure. This means I was also able to sit on my decision for days before committing to a purchase. Still, as much as I’ve done my research, it would have been great to have the guidance of an expert.

Virtual consultation

And that’s why I’ve decided to go with Star Carat Shop, because their virtual consultation feature was a lifesaver!

I first had to book a virtual appointment via their website and answer a series of questions. They then scheduled the remote session on a specific date and time on the Zoom app.

During the virtual one-to-one consultation, the jewellery consultant I was assigned to was not only friendly, but she was also able to guide me through the entire process. She showed me the various designs that might suit what I was looking for and shared some educational tips about the lab grown diamond itself. It was an eye-opening way to shop for an engagement ring, one that is convenient but didn’t leave me more bewildered. On top of that, I was able to end the consultation to mull over my options.

Finding the perfect ring fit

As it goes with surprise proposals, sometimes the ring may not be the right fit. For my fiancée, the ring was unfortunately not the correct size, but thankfully, I’ve taken their advice to opt for something slightly bigger. According to the virtual consultant, resizing should be done with the wearer in person for the most accurate fit. Those who are scouring for a brilliant engagement ring – whether online or physically – this is a crucial detail you cannot afford to miss!

The Covid-19 proposal

The proposal was extraordinarily unique, only possible due to the limitations posed by the circuit breaker measures. I had the diamond ring sent over to my address, along with a bouquet of flowers and her favourite deserts, and packaged it nicely to have it sent straight to her doorstep. It wasn’t ideal – but thanks to online ring shopping and video conferencing technologies, I was able to pop the question (and she said yes!). Despite the circumstances, I couldn’t be more pleased at how special the proposal was and I’m thankful I had Star Carat be a part of this experience.