What To Consider When Shopping For An Engagement Ring

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You’ve had the talk with your partner about sharing a future and all you need to do is to get on one knee and finally, pop the question! The beautiful moment hits its peak as you slide the engagement ring on her finger when she says the anticipated yes!

It’s an exciting milestone that you’re looking forward to celebrate except you’re now faced with one problem: how do you find the perfect engagement ring for your spouse-to-be? Fret not, we’ve got the answers you seek.

The Engagement Ring Symbolism

Compared to popular belief, engagement rings aren’t a novel tradition. In fact, it has existed since ancient times. Whilst the ring symbolises a union between two people, the union didn’t have the same romantic and whimsical connotation as we do today. Back then, a marital union was another term for a convenient proxy alliance.

Despite the initial nature of the union, engagement rings had romantic symbolism even if the marital union wasn’t founded on love. Its geometric shape is one that has no beginning and no end. Circles represent eternity, wholeness and ultimately perfection. Furthermore, the ancient Romans are believed to begin the practice of wearing the engagement ring on the left ring finger, which was believed to contain the vena amoris, or the vein of love.

Now that most marriages are based on love and commitment, engagement rings hold true to what they are meant to symbolise: love, devotion and promises of a future together.

The Ideal Engagement Ring: Diamond Engagement Ring

Amongst the types of engagement rings that are available in the market, there’s one that has reigned supreme for centuries. Of course, the timeless and classic diamond ring needs no introduction. In 1477, the first ever diamond was commissioned by Archduke Maximilian for his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy. Its popularity proliferated due to Queen Victoria, and it hasn’t let up ever since.

In fact, 80% of proposals today still involve a diamond engagement ring. Many are drawn to the alluring qualities of diamonds, such as its aesthetic brilliance and unbreakable chemistry, that encapsulate the eternal commitment of marriage. As such, diamonds still remain to be the highlight of any proposal.

The Attributes Of An Ideal Diamond Ring

A diamond engagement ring has several facets you’d have to consider when shopping for one carefully. It may be a tad confusing and overwhelming at first. The 4C diamond grading rubric is an excellent aid as it breaks up the characteristics of a diamond gem into 4 parts – Carat, Clarity, Cut and Colour. Of course, the ideal diamond engagement ring scores the highest score for all 4 features.

Apart from the quantifiable quality of these attributes, the ideal diamond ring is one that’s subjective. Your partner may like the classic solitaire or would prefer one with a paved setting. Thus, be sure to figure out her preferences before actually purchasing one!

How Much Should I Spend On The Engagement Ring

You might have heard that the general rule is to purchase an engagement ring that amounts to three months worth of salary. This standard is not feasible for many. At the same time, modern consumers today are looking at more value for money purchases that are aligned with conscious luxury – so they won’t have to break the bank when shopping for a significant item.

Besides, since engagement rings are symbols of love and commitment, it’s not necessary to equate them to the price tag. What’s important is how well the ring suits their personality, and the happiness and euphoria your partner will feel when you eventually pop the question.

That said, if you wish to propose with a quality ring that fits in your tight budget, we have the right gem for you. Lab grown or lab created diamonds are fantastic alternatives for mined diamonds. Despite growing in a controlled environment, the characteristics are identical to natural diamonds in terms of chemical composition, its physicality and even optically. At Star Carat, not only do our lab grown diamonds pass the stringent 4C diamond grading requirements, but they are also categorised as Type IIA (one of the rarest in the world!).

Furthermore, these lab grown diamonds are priced at a significantly lower price point than your average mined diamonds. Star Carat’s one carat diamond ring costs just as much as a typical 0.4 carat mined diamond. You can look forward to spending less for a bigger gem, without compromising on its quality.

How Do I Propose

Once you’ve gotten the perfect engagement ring for your partner, all you need to do is pop the question! Make it an extra special affair by imbuing and incorporating both of your personalities into the proposal. If they are a sucker for all things romantic, go glamping at the beach and pop the question in a beautiful setting.

If they prefer something more private, ask for their hand in marriage at an intimate dinner for two at home. One final thing: remember to get her ring size right! As a precaution, ensure that the engagement ring is resizable. It is best to get one that’s bigger as opposed to a smaller ring if you aren’t sure.

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