Tradition With A Modern Twist: Proposal In The 21st Century

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In today’s day and age, the prevalence of technology cannot go unnoticed. Its use is so ingrained in our lives that many have found interesting and creative ways to incorporate it in their day to day.

A traditional custom that dates back over 4 millennia, marital union has also seen its fair share of waning and waxing as couples are embracing the modern evolution of this traditional rite of passage. In fact, it’s not uncommon for one to drop on one knee and profess their love with the help of the latest high-tech features.

Take a look at some creative and romantic marriage proposal ideas befitting of the 21st century!

Going Live On Social Media

With numerous social media platforms to choose from, you can now broadcast this extraordinary moment to your friends and family all in one go. This approach is especially apt for couples in long distance relationships, where the proposal can be aided by modern technology.

Furthermore, platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, allow you to air the entire event in real-time. Your friends and family members can feel the same excitement and rush that you’d feel as you get down on one knee as you profess your love and promise of a future together.

Engaging A Celebrity For Help

On that same tangent, social media also gives you an avenue to get in contact with celebrities to help in your proposal!

This request may not be a 100% guarantee, but it’s worth a shot – especially if it meant getting your partner’s favourite celebrity or a cast member of her favourite show to make this moment even more special.

You may want to consider requesting a video they can simply record for a few minutes when they are free. Afterwards, compile them together and voila, you have a video proposal featuring tons of celebrities to surprise your partner with. With all that said, you may even want to consider having your wedding via Zoom or Facetime, like this couple here!

Creating A Music Playlist

Bring a new twist to an old-school classic by creating a playlist that brings out your intention as clear as day. The list of songs can either have a sentimental value to both of you or directly mentions the concept of marriage. You can end it with the perfect proposal song (we love “Marry You” by Bruno Mars!), or feature an audio clip of you popping the question!

Get extra brownie points and make it even more romantic. Spotify has a feature in which they have a QR-style Spotify Code that will immediately play a song when you scan it. Print the QR code for each song and compile these into a small scrapbook. Have each song accompany a text or an image, for an added touch of sentimentality.

Animated Proposal

For a more unique idea, you may want to have a go at this: an animated proposal. Early in the year, a viral Disney-inspired proposal made its rounds through all social media platforms and had captured hearts across the Internet.

Filmmaker Lee Loechler successfully proposed to his high school sweetheart, Sthuthi David, by featuring an animated version of themselves into one of the final scenes from a Disney classic movie, “Sleeping Beauty.” This proposal took Loechler six months and a lot of scheming, but the resounding yes was all worth it.

Perhaps you can do the same and surprise your partner by featuring an animated version of yourselves in their favourite animated film!

A Video Game Proposal

If the two of you love to play video games in your past time, proposing through a video game seem to be the most natural course! This approach has gone viral in the past – and with good reason too! The amount of time and effort to hide a proposal message in a video game will present your sincerity and earnest intentions and that’s enough to sweep your partner off their feet!

If you share a favourite video game together, or depending on how suitable the game is, try to recreate a special moment where you can propose to your partner in-game or via voice chat. Or simply download a 3D sandbox game like Minecraft and propose your partner by writing ‘Marry me?’ in lava, as this individual did here!

The 21st Century Engagement Ring

Marriage proposals aren’t the only ones that have evolved with the times. Similarly, engagement rings and their procurement and design process have their fair share of growth as well!

Behold, the 21st-century engagement ring: lab grown diamonds! As the name suggests, these gems aren’t procured via mining like their mined counterparts. Initially diamond seeds, they are placed in environments that mimic the natural geological environment required for optimal growth.

It is evident that these diamonds are one of the best advancements in technology – seeing as they are physically, chemically and optically identical to mined diamonds!

Plus, for conscious diamond consumers who have read a few diamond mining facts and have values that are not aligned with the traditional method of diamond procurement, these man-made diamond engagement rings can fill that gap. You’d be able to get a brilliant engagement ring that is not only befitting of your partner, but also meets your sustainability concerns – all thanks to the latest technology!

A Modern Diamond Ring For A Modern Proposal

Lab grown diamonds also undergo the same 4C grading requirements as mined diamonds, so you’ll be assured of its quality and value for money. Reputable jewellers will often have certificates that include the diamond’s details on paper, such as the carat weight, measurements and proportions, amongst many other things.

At Star Carat Shop, we’re proud to present our high-quality lab grown diamonds that are not only certified by IGI, but are also categorised as Type IIA diamonds (diamonds that makeup of 2% of the global diamond market)! They are also light on wallet – seeing as they cost half of a typical mined diamond for the same carat.

Let our diamond experts help you find the right ring to propose with and create a beautiful memory that will last a lifetime. Book an appointment with us and head down to our showroom to start your proposal planning today!