The Secret To Capturing The Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

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The proliferation of social media has encouraged everybody to share a big portion of their lives, both highs and lows. And one of life’s greatest high is, undoubtedly, when one pops the big question and the other says yes.

Whether it’d be Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, proposal pictures and engagement ring selfies are not uncommon. This phenomenon of ring photos has quickly become the preferred method to share the news of their engagement with their family members and friends. A quick snap of an engagement ring, paired with a sentimental caption is all it takes for the news to travel fast.

Like with many other images that land themselves on social media, there’s a desire to make them look visually appealing. And for a moment that is deemed as highly significant and memorable, you’d want the image to turn out perfect.

We’ve got you covered! There are plenty of ways to enhance the natural appeal of your brilliant engagement ring to achieve a beautiful true-to-life ring selfie.

Your Diamond’s Best Friend: Natural Light

The scintillation, brilliance and fire of a diamond ring can only reach its pinnacle if there is enough light that passes through each facet to reflect and disperse. Nothing can give your diamond that sparkle quite like natural sunlight.

Opt for picturesque places such as the beach or one that’s rich in flora and fauna like the Botanic Gardens! On top of being popular proposal spots to present the classic diamond ring, the sun’s light will also enhance the diamond’s appearance.

Apart from dim light, be sure to avoid yellow-toned light. Whilst it gives off a somewhat soft and romantic look in person, such visual appearance doesn’t translate well on photos. This is especially the case for yellow gold diamond engagement rings. Regardless of the quality of the diamond, it will automatically look like a diamond with a very low colour grade.

The Oldest Trick In The Book: Angles

Regardless of the actual size of your centre diamond, there are angles and setups avail to make your diamond appear bigger than it really is.

The top-down shot is popular as they give the most accurate impression of the diamond’s size. This angle is a standard for most engagement ring selfies as the full scintillation and brilliance are captured.

It’s especially fantastic for rings with diamonds that sit on an elegant row of paved diamonds, such as our Star Carat Starlight Diamond Ring. Not only will you be able to display the centre diamond in all of its glory, but the small diamonds can make an appearance too!

Star Carat Starlight Diamond Ring

In comparison, side-view angles will not be able to show the size of your gem, and can even be misleading! For instance, large diamonds that sit low on the finger will look much smaller than it truly is.

With that said, side-view angles are great if you have intricate detailing on the band itself. For instance, our Star Carat Classic Heart Diamond Ring has a heart-shaped detail that can only be seen at the side.

Star Carat Classic Heart Diamond Ring

Similarly, the elegant twirl setting in our Star Carat Classic Twirl Diamond can only be appreciated if its side view is captured. Furthermore, this diamond scores an excellent cut grade – which means, you wouldn’t have to worry about the lack of fire and brilliance it can produce.

Star Carat Classic Twirl Diamond

Such rings may look like the traditional solitaire diamond rings, but they come with a little twist. If you wish to show off these subtle details that would otherwise be overlooked, side-view angle photos are the best way to go!

The Engagement Ring Selfie Don’ts

When taking a photo of a gem that reflects and disperses light, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind. The most straightforward one being flash photography. At any given time, avoiding using flash on a diamond-close up as the brilliance will reflect back and be captured in an unflattering manner.

Another feature that easily affects the appearance of your engagement ring selfie – or any other type of images – is the zoom. As much as you’d like to show the small details of the metal band or have the diamond take up the entire screen, attaining a high-quality photo will be extremely difficult to get if you zoomed on your ring.

This is somewhat photographic related – another thing you should avoid is not planning for your proposal spot. While you should be fully immersed in the moment, don’t miss the chance to take photos of the engagement ring after the deed is done. There are plenty of romantic places in Singapore that offer stunning photo worthy opportunities with beautiful backdrops, depending on your preference. From restaurants and rooftops, to private yacht charters and beach picnics, taking the time to plan the ideal spot to pop the question can make her even more impressed in your effort to carefully plan the ideal proposal.

Start The Next Chapter Of Your Lives With A Beautiful Ring

An engagement ring serves as a testament of the love shared between you and your partner, along with the promises of a shared future – you would certainly want to show it off and share the good news with everyone you know!

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