The Ongoing Dilemma Between Public And Private Proposals

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If you have reached the point where you’d want to move to the next chapter with her, then congratulations! When planning the proposal, you may have read up on what you should do during the proposal stage.

However, you only have one shot to pull this off perfectly. Here’s the most critical question: Is a public or private proposal better? This debate has been going for ages, as there are different advantages to each of them – depending on your bride-to-be’s preferences.

What are private proposals?

Typically, a private proposal means that you and your future spouse are the only people present. That does not mean that you have to be in the comfort of your own home. A quiet but impressive proposal can also take place on a secluded beach, during a picnic at the hilltop, or even in an empty car park.

The main point of this proposal is that it’s simple and there are no external distractions. The proposal is focused on the memories that you have during your relationship with her. Hence, they are intimate and entirely personal.

Private proposals are ideal if public displays of affection are not your cup of tea and if you dislike being the centre of attention. Moreover, this is also perfect if you want to keep your engagement a brief secret. If your partner is a reserved person, it’ll be better to have a private proposal.

Things to note about private proposals

Unlike public proposals, where you have to try to accommodate other peoples’ schedules, having a private proposal gives you a lot of creative control over the things you can add to create the perfect moment between the two of you.

You will have to work around some limitations, since you may be restricted by your creative abilities, especially if you do not want others to spill the surprise. For example, enlisting help to paint a banner that says, “Will You Marry Me?” is going to be challenging, especially if the helpers are will not be there to see it unravel.

Because of the simplicity, it can feel a little lacklustre. It’s up to you to make the proposal memorable in your way since being private and intimate does not equal going in without a plan. Therefore, you have to add in multiple personalised touches, such as how you should present the ring to her.

The definition of public proposals

Choosing this type of proposal means you’ll be involving others one way or another. It doesn’t matter if it’s family members or friends. As long as you or your significant other are not the only ones witnessing the proposal, the proposal is considered public.

Examples include, but are not limited to, designing billboards and hanging them at the side of the street, organising a musical performance that involves violinists or dancers, or even kneeling on one knee amid a crowded event area, such as during a Chingay parade. The point is public proposals are grand and spectacular gestures to present your love.

Public proposals are ideal for those who want to involve their friends or family members to celebrate this milestone with them. If you and your sweetheart have a flair for public displays of affection or look forward to seeing the proposal video online, you can consider a public proposal.

A reminder about public proposals

While public proposals are extravagant, they are both time-consuming and expensive to prepare and execute. You have to plan down to the last detail on who does what and when. Moreover, it can be tedious to accommodate everyone you want involved to choose the perfect proposal day.

This means you may even have to choose an ordinary day to propose instead of a momentous day. Also, for public venues, there are external factors that are hard to control.

For example, if you choose to propose to your bride-to-be in an amusement park, it will not stop the other park visitors from taking their photos or jostling near you. You will need to be ready to roll with the punches or make sure to have a backup plan.

Another reminder is that you are sticking to the “go big or go home” mentality if you choose to propose publicly. A public proposal can put a lot of pressure on you and your significant other. If your significant other turns down the proposal, it can be awkward and humiliating if there are spectators.

The worst-case scenario is your partner may accept to save embarrassment, only to cancel the engagement once the crowd has dispersed. Hence, before you choose a public proposal, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you get nervous speaking in public?
  • Is she an introvert?
  • Have you been dating for less than a year?
  • Do you have doubts that she will say “yes”?
  • Is at least one of you uncomfortable with public displays of affection?

If you answered “Yes,” to any of these questions, then it’s better to opt for a private setting. Do not forget that the proposal is still about the two of you.

Celebrating the joyous moment with a unique ring

Ultimately, you have to take your partner’s personality and preferences into account when making the decision. This will prove to her how much she means to you. It’s also a time to show your partner how lucky you are to have her.

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