Star Carat Christmas Wishlist: Gifts For Your Girlfriend

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For the special person in your life, nothing says ‘I love you’ better than a thoughtful gift that embodies your commitment and appreciation you hold for your partner. Especially during the season of giving, there’s no better time to gift your significant other a tangible representation of your love – a present that is guaranteed to melt your partner’s heart.

This holiday season, add a little sparkle into your girlfriend’s life with these specially crafted, dazzling jewellery pieces that are sure to take her breath away. To get you started, we’ve compiled our favourites from our Star Carat collection below for your inspiration!

Lab Grown Diamond Pendant

You can never go wrong with a diamond pendant; a gift that’s stunning as it is versatile. It comes in a variety of shapes, colours and styles, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when picking one that your partner is sure to love.

Classic Diamond Ring, Ring To Propose Star Carat Classic 4 Prong Diamond Pendant

Simple yet undoubtedly stunning, this gorgeous lab grown diamond pendant is set in a classic 18K white gold 4 prong setting. Although it weighs only 0.54 carat, the diamond possesses an I – J colour grade, with I being close to a colourless diamond. It also boasts a VS – SI clarity score, meaning that it possesses inclusions that are so minute, they aren’t visible to the naked eye. Timeless and elegant, this pendant can be matched with any outfit to give it an elegant touch of bling.

Lab Grown Diamond Ring

Diamond rings aren’t just for engagements – they’re a staple piece in every lady’s jewellery collection! Small but eye-catching, a diamond ring is a timeless piece of jewellery that is sure to capture the attention of people wherever your partner goes.

Star Carat Classic Eternity Diamond Ring

Weighing 1.05 carat in total, this sleek ring features 7 stunning lab grown diamonds set in 18K white gold. Striking a balance between modern and classic, it’s a versatile piece that will give her a visual boost no matter the occasion. Not to mention, the diamonds also hold I – J, and VS – SI colour and clarity grading respectively – so you can be assured of their quality.

Diamond Jewellery Singapore, Diamond Necklace Singapore Star Carat Classic Trilogy Diamond Ring

Yet another sleek piece, these elegant three-stone lab grown diamonds are set in a classic 18K white gold setting. With a weight of 2.08 carats in total, the trio of diamonds is IGI-certified and has an excellent cut. They have a J colour grade and VS2 score for clarity, showcasing brilliance and scintillation that are simply breathtaking. This attention-grabbing diamond ring is sure to turn heads with just a wave of her hand.


Lab Grown Diamond Necklace

A diamond necklace is among the most elegant and versatile pieces of jewellery, making a perfect gift for your special person. There is little that can compare to charm of sophisticated diamond necklace, so it’s the perfect present to express your love.

Diamond Necklace Singapore, Lab Grown Diamonds Star Carat Classic Trilogy Diamond Necklace

With a unique vertical arrangement, this gorgeous lab grown diamond trilogy is set in a classic 18K white gold 4 prong setting. It has a total weight of 1.33 carats and is versatile enough to be worn for any occasion. Like other Star Carat pieces, quality takes top priority – the diamonds carry an I – J and VS – SI score for colour and clarity grading respectively. The pendant comes with an 18K white gold chain that complements the scintillating diamond trio.


Celebrate Christmas With Diamonds

Love isn’t something that can be seen but felt – but there are ways to show you care. A thoughtful gift full of sentimentality and sincerity is one of the many tangible ways to express love to your special someone – and what better way to do so than diamonds!

At Star Carat Shop, we want to journey with you on your mission to find the perfect Christmas gift for your significant other. Giving you only the best, our IGI-certified lab created diamonds are also classified as Type IIA diamonds, which land themselves on the top 2% of the global’s production. The best part? Your partner can enjoy these pure, high-quality diamonds whilst you revel in large savings – these lab created diamonds cost only a fraction of a mined diamond’s price.

Celebrate the season of giving at an affordable cost. Book an appointment with us and let our dedicated jewellery consultants assist you in finding the best piece for your girlfriend this Christmas!