Not Ready To Tie The Knot? Get A Promise Ring Instead!

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You and your partner have reached the stage in your relationship wherein love and adoration are synonymous to commitment. You and your partner may not be ready to take the next big step and purchase that diamond ring, there is still a way to show your commitment, and that is with a promise ring!

Call them what you want – promise rings, pre-engagement rings, commitment rings – these rings represent the love and dedication you hold for one another whilst you’re dating. If you still have reservations about gifting your significant other a promise ring, we’re here to give you the entire lowdown.

All About The Promise Ring

As the name implies, a promise ring is a ring that’s exchanged when two individuals promise to commit to one another. This tradition dates back to the Late Middle Ages where men gave their romantic interests posy rings (rings that are inscribed with romantic phrases) as tokens of love. Nowadays, it often symbolises a declaration of monogamy, especially if the two parties have been dating for quite some time.

Not to be confused with engagement rings, the exchange of promise rings may not carry any intention of a marital union, should the couple wish it. Promise rings can serve as mementoes when a couple wishes to commit domestic partnership, regardless if marriage is on the line. Despite it all, their significance shouldn’t be understated. More often than not, most couples will only gift promise rings once they’ve decided to be exclusive to one another. Whether that takes a few months or even years, the time frame differs from one couple to another.

Which Finger Should A Promise Ring Be On?

Most Western cultures state that both the engagement and wedding rings will sit on the ring finger on the left hand, for it was believed that this finger has a vein running directly to the heart. However, with a promise ring, you can wear it on whichever finger you feel most comfortable with.

That said, it’s worth remembering that should you wish to wear it on the ring finger, others may get confused and assume your marital status. If you want to avoid talks about marriage and the like, it’s best to wear this stunning ring on your other digits.

How Much Should You Spend On A Promise Ring?

As with any ring purchases, there are no strict rules to abide by when it comes to figuring how much you should fork out when purchasing a promise ring. Those with a budget can opt for simple yet elegant design, whilst those who can enjoy more allowance can afford to add a little more sparkle.

Those who wish to revel in the best of both worlds can still do so with lab grown diamonds! These diamonds, whilst differ in origin, possess identical optical, chemical and physical attributes carried by mined diamonds. Better yet, they are also 40% less expensive than earth mined diamonds of comparable quality and size!

Our Promise Ring Picks

If you’ve been scouring for that perfect promise ring to gift your partner, look no further! Take a look at our picks from our Star Carat collection down below!

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Star Carat Classic Trilogy Diamond

An absolutely stunning piece, the Star Carat Classic Trilogy Diamond carries 3 lab grown diamonds that are set in a classic setting in 18K white gold. Weighing a total of 2.08 carat, all 3 diamonds score an excellent in cut grade, offering brilliance and fire like no other!

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Star Carat Elegant Halo Diamond Ring

A true halo beauty, the Star Carat Elegant Halo Diamond Ring offers a 1.01 carat centre diamond surrounded by 16 smaller ones in a stunning halo design. This scintillating diamond ring features ideal cut diamonds that carry VS2 in clarity grading and score an F in colour. Not one to fall behind in terms of sparkles, this ring is sure to win the attention of people wherever your partner goes.

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Star Carat Classic Eternity Diamond Ring

Despite weighing only 1.05 carat, the Star Carat Classic Eternity Diamond Ring doesn’t fall short when it comes to sparkles. Striking a balance between simplicity and elegance, this ring carries 7 lab grown diamonds that score I-J and VS-SI in colour and clarity respectively. If there’s to be a perfect promise ring, then surely it’s one that represents commitment, dedication and love to last for an eternity.

A Ring Full Of Promise – And More

Show the world the love and dedication you share with your partner, one that’s not bound by labels or timeline – and what better way to do so if not with a promise ring? Whatever the reason you have to want to gift your partner a promise ring, your significant other is sure to appreciate a tangible proof of the beautiful bond you share together.

At Star Carat Shop, we wish to embark on the journey with you in finding the perfect promise ring to gift to your partner. We pride ourselves with quality IGI-certified lab grown diamonds that are also amongst the top 2% of the world’s diamonds, the Type IIA diamonds. Book an appointment with us and we’ll help you get that brilliant diamond ring that’ll sweep your partner off their feet!