Mother’s Day Special: Diamond Jewellery Gifting For Mums

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, the perfect day to show your mom your appreciation for all that she has done for you. You’d scour high and low for the ideal woman who has spent all she could to raise you but soon you might realise there isn’t much that can eloquently encapsulate your gratitude.

The list goes on and on, but nothing seems to feel right.

Fret not, we have just the gift that will appeal to all the women in your life who carry the “mother” role – whether it’d be for your mum or even grandmother or wife.

Diamonds: The Perfect Gift For Mother’s Day

A timeless piece of jewellery that stands the test of time, diamonds are born out of crystallised carbon atoms that have been developed in intense heat and pressure. A gem with brilliance and shine that lasts for a lifetime, it is an apt representation of not only the resolute and determination of a mother, but also the strong bonds shared between mother and child. Diamonds make for an unforgettable gift – she can wear a cherished piece of jewellery as a remembrance of you and your appreciation for her presence, time and effort that was poured in raising and guiding you through life.

Star Carat’s Starry Collection

If you’re worried about having to work with a limiting budget, our Starry collection is just for you! You can shop for diamond jewellery at a reasonable price point with elegant and contemporary designs that are perfect for celebrating your mum.

Have a look at some of our top recommendations.

1. A Gift Of Heartfelt Appreciation

Bracelets are one of the top few Mother’s Day gifts as they are incredibly versatile and allows your mum to wear them for any and every occasion. They can easily give an extra layer to her outfits, proving it to be one of the better options for everyday wear jewellery.

Starry Heart Diamante Bracelet

A simple yet elegant design, Starry Heart Diamante Bracelet displays a series of diamonds set in a heart pendant. Giving this to your mum serves as a message of the love you bare for her. Indeed, a jewellery piece that will effectively convey your gratitude and appreciation.

2. A Gift Every Mother Deserves

Diamond earrings are incredibly flexible; its simple yet elegant look makes them a staple piece in any woman’s jewellery collection. A look that will never go out of style, a jewellery piece as timeless as this will have people turning heads!

Starry Quintet Diamond Earrings

Gift your mum a pair of Starry Quintet Diamond Earrings and it’ll easily steal the show. Displaying a series of 5 diamonds on each ear, the dangling diamond earrings are guaranteed to be a gift she deserves and bound to appreciate.

3. A Gift Your Mother Will Appreciate

Another popular jewellery items that many gift their mothers are diamond pendants and necklaces. Timeless and elegant in their own way, they allow your mum to wear your gift close to her heart.

Starry Bar Pendant Necklace

Featuring 16 diamonds set on a straight horizontal line, the Starr Bar Pendant Necklace’s simplicity begets its versatility! Adorn the clavicle with a necklace that can match any outfit and occasion, whether it’d be an intimate date with her husband, or a lively family get-together.

The Star Carat Diamonds Collection

For those who can afford the extra indulgence and wish to spoil their mothers a bit more, try looking through our extensive Star Carat Diamonds Collection.

What sets these diamond jewellery pieces apart from the rest is the use of lab grown diamonds. Unlike mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds are developed in a controlled environment that mimics the Earth’s process – either via a chamber or a HPHT diamond machine.

Despite the difference in origin, its quality is not a cause of concern. Similar to the diamonds in the Starry collection, these lab grown diamonds have also passed the stringent 4C diamond grading, which makes them IGI certified and Type IIA diamonds – a category that makes up 2% of the existing diamonds in the global market.

If you wish to have a peek, here are our recommendations:

Star Carat Classic 4 Prong Diamond Pendant

Nothing can go wrong when you opt for a beautiful solitaire necklace. The Star Carat Classic 4 Prong Diamond Pendant features a round diamond set in a 4 prongs setting. A timeless solitaire pendant is bound to stand out as an everlasting item of jewellery.

Star Carat Classic Glow Diamond Ring

Who is to say that a ring is a gift given only to your romantic significant partner? Whilst it may not be the norm, you can also display your love and gratitude for your mother in the form of a ring! This gorgeous ring features a 2 carat diamond that’s set in a minimalist 18K white gold setting. Gift your mum a classic diamond ring that she can wear it with pride.

Whilst these jewellery items may be on the pricier side, know that you’re getting your money’s worth! A 1 carat lab grown diamond ring can cost you the same amount for a 0.4 mined diamond ring. Not only will you pay less, but you’ll also get more bling in return!


While the global pandemic might have turn most days dark and gloomy, don’t let that stop you from celebrating your mum – an important figure in your life!

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