Lab Grown Diamonds: Commonly Asked Questions Now Answered

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Ever since its debut, lab grown diamonds have steadily risen in popularity amongst consumers and established a strong presence within the jewellery market. With more designs and styles available today, the interest in this gem hasn’t waned one bit.

With this curiosity comes questions and preconceived notions, and we’re here to answer the former and dispel the latter. Let’s take a dive into some of the most commonly asked questions regarding lab grown diamonds and get to know a little bit more about this stunning gem.


Question 1: Are Lab Grown Diamonds Real?

Don’t be fooled by where it originates from – lab grown diamonds are as real as mined diamonds! They do not fall under the same category as other diamond simulants such as cubic zirconia and moissanite, despite their similar appearance.

Contrary to popular belief, lab grown diamonds possess identical properties and attributes that make up the mined diamond. This means, they both share the same physically, chemically and optically properties, making it almost impossible to be distinguished with just the naked eye. In fact, one needs the critical eye of a professional gemologist and specialised equipment to identify between each gem.

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Question 2: What Are Lab Grown Diamonds Made Of And How Are They Made?

The development process of lab grown diamonds involves tiny diamond seeds from pre-existing diamonds that are later placed in regulated environments, which are designed specifically for its growth.

Advanced technology – either via chemical vapour deposition (CVD) or high pressure high temperature (HPHT) diamond machine – are used to mimic the natural geological conditions that promote the growth of diamonds deep underground.

A diamond crystal structure consisting of actual carbon atoms will be formed, creating the overall structure and appearance of the diamond. Since both the mined diamond and lab grown diamond are essentially made up of carbon, they offer the same brilliance, fire and durability.

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Question 3: Are Lab Grown Diamonds Top-Notched Quality?

Similar to mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds also cover the spectrum of the diamond quality. Apart from growing in a regulated environment, the development process is hardly interfered or intervened. This translates to lab created diamonds that cover every carat weight, clarity, colour and cut. Similar to mined diamonds, lab diamonds can also come with inclusions but they will remain durable with no scratches or a cloudy appearance over time.

At Star Carat Shop, we are proud to feature lab grown diamonds that are IGI certified and categorised as Type IIA diamonds – an exclusive selection of diamonds that are renowned for their quality, thus comprising of only 2% of the world’s production of diamonds. You can rest assured that you’ll get only the very best.

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Question 4: What Is The Price Point Of These Lab Grown Diamonds?

Since lab grown diamonds have the same properties as a mined diamond, surely, they also share the same price point?

You’d be pleasantly surprised! Whilst they do possess identical attributes, lab grown diamonds offer excellent value and are priced significantly lower than your average mined diamonds. For the same cost of a 0.5 carat mined diamond, you can easily attain a 1 carat lab grown diamond. Not only does this mean that you’d save 50% from the purchase, but you’d also get larger centre diamond whilst you’re at it! 

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Question 5: Can Lab Grown Diamonds Be Appraised?

Similar to mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds are also appraised and certified by a number of gem grading labs. With every purchase of a lab grown diamond, a gem certification will also be included. Not only can they be appraised, but these gems can also be insured!

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Question 6: If They Are Similar To Mined Diamonds, Why Are Lab Grown Diamonds So Popular?

There are several factors that contributed to their popularity, but if it were to be narrowed down into the crucial ones, it’d be these two: price point and sustainable consumerism.

As previously mentioned, lab grown diamonds cost significantly lower than that of a mined diamond. For couples who wish to stretch every dollar for an engagement ring, the lab grown diamond is the perfect option for them. You’d be able to enjoy all the properties that made mined diamond the sought-after gem, but at a lower price point!

Another reason why lab grown diamonds have become an attractive option when it comes to jewellery shopping is due to the absence of mining in its development process. As such, they make for a favourable gem for consumers with a growing awareness of sustainability and conscious consumption. 

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These are simply just some of the common questions asked with regards to lab grown diamonds. If you have any of your own, you are more than welcome to ask any of our friendly jewellery consultants when you book an appointment with us!

We take pride and joy in assisting our clients in their jewellery shopping. If you’ve been looking to find the perfect lab grown diamond ring to propose, make Star Carat your ultimate go-to atelier.