How Today’s Couples Can Do Their Diamond Ring Shopping

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The diamond shopping experience is an exhilarating one, especially if the purchase is meant to be as a surprise. However, this thrill may be short-lived before you start realising that the process is not as straightforward as you initially think it’d be. Apart from the numerous stones and designs to choose from, you’ll also have to consider the personality and preference of the wearer. Plus, diamond rings don’t necessarily come cheap, so wanting to do some considerable deliberation is undeniable.

If you are also looking into purchasing a diamond ring for the first time, here are some of the pain points that you may come across during your shopping.

Clueless on Where to Begin

If you’ve had no interest in diamonds prior to this moment, chances are, you know little about the gem itself. Apart from not knowing where to start your research, the amount of information and jargon can be confusing and overwhelming to somebody who’s new to diamonds.

Primary diamond education revolves around the 4Cs – Cut, Carat, Colour and Clarity. These attributes determine the quality of the diamond gem, and by extension, the price point of the diamond ring. Whilst you can use the 4C diamond grading rubric to narrow your options – in fact, we encourage you to – you’ll still need to expand your research and dig a little deeper. For instance, discover how a slight difference in the cut of a diamond can make a whopping 10% price difference. Additionally, a diamond’s carat weight, contrary to popular belief, does not necessarily translate to size. Since the weight rests at the belly of the diamond, a high carat diamond may not be big in size. For diamonds, the size is all about its dimensions – so if you desire more bling and shine, look for overall proportions of a diamond’s cut which not only contributes to its design but also its brilliance.

Many buyers jump straight to their 4C diamond grading rubric as their research, but it’s only the starting point. Thus, ensure that you take some time to get educated on diamonds and consult with a reputable jeweller. Doing so will help you narrow your search and make your diamond shopping experience so much easier.

Narrowing Your Partner’s Preference

Finding a ring that befits your partner’s preference may a challenging feat to many. The numerous stones, cuts and designs make choosing infinitely harder than it has to be. However, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You’ll just need to pay close attention.

Take note of your partner’s wardrobe, jewellery and accessories. They are significant clues to the type of ring they would want. If your partner opts for simple and minimalistic fashion, chances are, they’d prefer the classic solitaire diamond ring. If they keep up to date with the latest trend, you may want to look through the rings that celebrities are wearing these days.

You may need to consider their lifestyle and the jobs they hold as well. As somebody who constantly works with their hands, your partner may prefer a low-set diamond ring instead of a high-prong one.

Figuring Out The Acceptable Budget

The budget is arguably one of the most significant consideration. Many buyers aren’t quite sure how much should they be spending on a classic diamond ring. It will depend on your individual financial capabilities and preference. There is no rhyme or reason to adhere to the three months’ salary cliché. In fact, it isn’t a budget that’s popular amongst consumers since three months worth of wages is, after all, a substantial amount.

On top of the initial purchase, you can’t rule out the insurance, warranties and maintenance costs out of the picture. Remember to keep these additional costs in mind when you’re determining a suitable budget. If you can’t afford to get yourself a 1 carat mined diamond ring, you may want to consider the other alternative: a lab grown diamond! Lab grown diamonds cost a fraction of the price of a mined diamond, and yet they give off comparable quality and brilliance. This is because both lab grown and mined diamonds share the same chemical and physical properties – with the only difference being the source of where they come from. At Star Carat, we carry affordable 1 carat diamond rings that are significantly affordable as compared to mined diamonds, making it to be a better choice for value and quality.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. A diamond ring goes beyond just a price tag, it is a sentimental investment to signify commitment and love shared between two individuals.

How The Diamond Shopping Has Gotten Easier

Whilst diamond shopping hasn’t gotten any less stressful, fortunately, things have gotten slightly easier for those looking to make a diamond purchase. Nowadays, with the Internet, you are able to do your own diamond research and make comparisons – be it between diamond types or designs. You’ll have more information at your fingertips, so you can be better informed when heading down to a jewellery atelier.

Furthermore, you have the option to buy your diamonds online. This can help you to save more time without going down to the store physically, and allows you to purchase a diamond ring at the comfort of your home. Thanks to technology, there’s no time better than the present to plan for a diamond ring purchase!

The Star Carat Diamond Ring Shopping Experience

On that note, Star Carat Shop is enlivening the diamond shopping experience with our virtual concierge service! This means you get to purchase our Star Carat Diamond jewellery items online and experience personalised consultation with our dedicated customer service conveniently at home.

This is unlike the past where people may be turned off at the idea of online shopping for diamonds, simply because they are not able to seek the expertise and guide of an experienced sales consultants, and make informed purchases. With our virtual consultation, our friendly jewellery consultants will guide you throughout your shopping and answer your queries while helping you narrow down the options for your ideal diamond jewellery.

All you need to do is book an e-appointment via our website. Once confirmed, your remote session will be scheduled and later conducted via Zoom.

Star Carat lab grown diamonds are IGI certified and fall under the Type IIA diamond category, a coveted quality that comprises 2% of the world’s diamonds. They also offer a more affordable price tag as compared to their mined counterparts, so you can get a bigger carat without breaking the bank.

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