New appointment by Zlatina on 30/04/2020

Hello,  My name is Zlatina and I am a full-time blogger with over 900k followers on my social media accounts. I have previously worked with more than 250 brands, such as TKMaxx, Debenhams, Tommy Hilfiger, The Ritz Carlton, MAC, Estee Lauder, Hilton, Sofitel and many others. Together with my team I also manage the social media accounts of various brands in order to optimize their profiles and increase their followers, reach and most importantly sales. I just checked your social media accounts and I was very surprised by the little activity you have on there (in terms of likes, comments, followers and certainly reach). In my opinion, if your accounts are managed correctly, you will be able to get the attention your brand deserves on the social media platforms, which will help you significantly in reaching new customers and increasing your online sales! My team and I have developed a very effective social media strategy that helps brands to get much more exposure on the various social media platforms, in order to grow their accounts and reach new customers. I currently offer two social media management plans:  1)    Instagram account management – this package includes full management of your account, 20 posts and 20 stories per month.Thanks to the strategy that we have created, your account will be able to reach a much larger audience by appearing on the explore page and ranking higher on the relevant hashtags for your brand. The increase in exposure (average 10-18k accounts reached per post for the first month of management) will also lead to a significant increase in comments, likes, followers and most importantly, visits to your website from real people that are all new potential customers. You will also start to see an increase in your online sales from the first month of this service! The price of this package is $550 per month. 2)    Management of up to 3 social media accounts – this can include Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or a Tiktok account. With this package, you will see a significant increase in the activity of each of these channels (more likes, followers, comments, and much higher reach of people that are interested in your brand). This leads to more visits to your website and new customers. The increase in the reach for the first month of management can be up to 150k per account. For each of the accounts, you will get 20 posts per month. The price of this package is $950 per month.  Apart from social media management services, I also offer promotions on my social media accounts, if you are interested in such exposure for your brand. Please see my media kit attached for further information on the promotions I currently offer. 
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