All About That Bling: Will Women Accept Lab Grown Diamonds?

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As soon as lab grown diamonds entered the stage, there have been many differing opinions about the manmade gem, with talks about its quality and value, especially compared to their mined counterparts. Despite this ongoing discourse, the truth still remains: there is no “better” type of diamond. After all, the intention and significance of the gem triumph everything else.

That said, picking an engagement diamond ring for your partner is no easy feat. Apart from the typical concerns that come with engagement ring shopping, there is still a slight chance that your partner will be disappointed in a lab grown diamond purchase. The general consensus has always been that women prefer natural diamonds to lab grown ones – but is that really the case?

A Lab Grown Diamond Is Still A Diamond

 Sentiments that are primarily against lab grown diamonds are often rooted in the fact that they are diamonds formed in a controlled environment. This brings forth the misconception that these gems possess a subpar quality than that of mined diamonds. Such sentiments are simply not true.

Despite being developed in a controlled setting, lab grown diamonds possess the same characteristics as mined diamonds, whether physically, chemically or optically. These are simply due to the laboratory conditions designed to mimic the geological factors needed to form a diamond underground.

This attribute alone makes lab grown diamonds different than other diamond stimulants. Unlike cubic zirconia, moissanite and other diamond simulants, the development of lab grown diamonds are largely untampered. This means that their growth is very much organic, and they will also develop inclusions and blemishes – much like mined diamonds! Likewise, their quality also comes in a spectrum, and you’ll need to implement the 4C grading system to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth. Contrary to popular belief, with beauty and scintillation that rival a mined diamond, most women find lab grown diamonds just as appealing and attractive.

Environmentally Friendly And Conflict-Free

If your partner wishes to revel in the allure of a mined diamond but doesn’t wish to partake in its environment degradation practices, then lab grown diamonds are a great in-between! The lack of mining activities means that there is no displacement of the Earth in the creation of a single lab grown diamond. Besides, there won’t be any irresponsible releasing of harmful waste material into the environment either!

Apart from being environmentally friendly, the origins of your lab grown diamond are often made known. Thus, you can be reassured of its procurement methods and determine if child labour, wage exploitation, and similar unethical issues are part of its development. If your partner places value in ethical and sustainable purchases, then lab grown diamonds are their definite go-to gems.

Lab Grown Diamonds Are More Affordable

With an assured high-quality, you would think that lab grown diamonds cost just as much as their mined counterparts, but that’s simply not the case! Expect to pay 50% lesser for a typical 1 carat proposal ring, or get a stone that’s twice as big. Your practical significant other will most definitely revel in the monetary savings. Moreover, this saved amount of money can be used for other expenses, such as a wedding, honeymoon, or even renovation for your new home!

The Significance Of A Diamond Ring

Despite their difference in origin, both mined and lab grown diamonds produce a stunning beauty and allure that can take one’s breath away. Besides, they both represent the same core element: they are tangible embodiments of love and adoration one holds for their partner. At the end of the day, it’s not about the origin of the diamond; or the size or weight of the gem; or the price you’ve paid. The diamond you choose represents the bond you share and the promises you intend to keep – and that’s all that matters.


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