Advice For All Newly-Engaged Couples: What You Need To Know

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Congratulations on popping the question! Now that you and your partner are officially engaged and she is happy with the proposal ring, it’s now time to plan for the most exciting yet nerve-racking day of your life – the wedding.

Amidst the flurry of emotions, questions and preparations to go through after the proposal, here is our advice for newly engaged couples to keep in mind as they embark on their next chapter together.

Set your priorities straight.

With marriage comes a ton of changes in both you and your partner’s life. Getting clear on your finances is the most important thing you can do for engagement season and your relationship in the long run.

In terms of the wedding, having a budget in mind saves you a lot of time (and potentially money) by narrowing down your options and scoring you the best prices possible. It is a good idea to dive in with a rough idea or vision of what you have, want and desire so you can consult with various vendors and discuss what matters most to both of you.

Decide on the engagement period, and consider holding it off if things like securing a house or achieving a professional milestone are more important for you and your partner.

Work with trusted vendors.

Wedding planning is a full-time job and working with a wedding planner can help you to maintain balance and focus on celebrating your engagement. Even if you don’t deal well with making decisions, at least you know you can entrust the professionals to help you sweat the small details and point you in the right direction.

Some of the most important vendors you need are the photographer or videographer that you can tap on for advice on colour palette and décor as well. This will really help you nail the perfect ambience and create a scene that just came out of a blockbuster romance movie!

Create a marriage bucket list.

Getting married to your better half does not mean that you give up on your individual hopes and dreams. Talk to your partner about what you plan to accomplish in the years ahead and what you wish to do with them by your side.

It is important for couples to dream together so that both of you have something to look forward to even after marriage. Whether it is a shared hobby or activities that you do on your solo time, having a marriage bucket list helps to keep the both of you in sync while ensuring both of you make time for adventure and surprises.

Communication is key.

One of the cornerstones of a thriving relationship in both the short and long term is communication. For many couples, the ability to communicate freely and honestly is important, so if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed due to the details of the wedding, don’t hesitate to tell your partner about it!

This applies not just to wedding planning but also your marriage. Always involve your partner in every decision and consider their thoughts, opinions and ideas. And don’t forget to also frequently communicate to them how much you love and appreciate them for being with you on this wonderful journey.

Enjoy the engagement.

The period after the proposal is one of the most stressful periods of the wedding. Before jumping into planning mode, spend some time as an engaged couple and focus on staying present in the magical moment.

The wedding is significant of a lifelong commitment and the period after the proposal can become an enriching process that can bond you two closer than ever before. This is the time where you will also learn a lot about your partner, such as how they deal with stress and how good their planning is, but most importantly – how both of can make things work at the end of the day.

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