A Virtual Concierge Service For Your Diamond Ring Purchases

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With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, it may have seemed that most things are kept on hold. Especially with circuit breaker measures, your options to shop in stores are limited. Whilst it may have dampened the anticipation and excitement for future events, it doesn’t mean your plans have to necessarily halt altogether!

Before you hold off your proposal indefinitely, there are still ways for you to shop for the ideal ring. One of the challenges posed during this difficult time is making significant purchases such as a diamond engagement ring – after all, luxury jewellery is not typically done over the web.


Introducing The Virtual Concierge Service

As such, Star Carat has launched a suite of digital services to serve customer needs better with a personalised live consultation that’s just as similar as physical brick-and-mortars. You can enquire, clarify your doubts, browse the designs and get educated on diamonds by professional sales consultants before making an informed purchase.

While our physical jewellery stores will be closed from now till May, you will still get the opportunity to consult and purchase a beautiful classic diamond ring – or any other jewellery pieces, for that matter – with Star Carat for your significant other, all within the privacy of your own home.

1. How It Works

The first step is to book a virtual consultation through our website. Click the ‘appointment’ tab and submit the completed enquiry form so we can get back to you with a scheduled time. You will also be directed to answer a series of questions to help us aid you better – this gives us a better understanding of the jewellery requirements you are looking for. Not only will this save time and let you focus on what you want, but you will also not be bogged down by jewellery designs that may not fall under your preferences, or even your significant other’s.

To proceed further, a remote session will be scheduled via the screen conferencing app, Zoom. Our consultants will then guide you through all the options and find one that is the most suitable. Rest assured that, likewise with our quality of top lab grown diamonds, you’ll enjoy dedicated customer service even if it is through a screen.

2. What Do You Need

A phone or laptop with Zoom application already installed. It is also useful to have a pen and paper to help you jot down notes or brainstorm ring ideas.

3. What To Expect

Apart from bringing the service to you, our sales consultants will show in-live the various designs of appeal – ones that are more likely to be the designs that you’re looking for – whilst also conducting an education session.

4. Guidance and Education

This means, you will be taught of the characteristics that mark a quality diamond; for instance, their 4 C grading results, fluorescence grade and brilliance, amongst many others. You’d also be introduced to the difference between mined diamonds and lab grown diamonds. A brief summary of the diamond mining process and the lab environment in which the latter grows in will also be touched on to give you better insight.

This diamond education is guaranteed to serve you in your next diamond purchase, whether it’d be a diamond ring for your wedding or a diamond pendant that may have struck your fancy. Furthermore, what is there not to like when convenience is right at your fingertips?

5. The Money-Saving Plus Point

Even better, you will save a considerable amount of money. Our lab grown diamonds are priced significantly lower than their mined counterparts. With S$3000, you can purchase a 1 carat lab-grown diamond ring over a 0.4 carat mined option. Seeing as how the latter offers a bigger gem, the choice is quite clear for those who want to sport a noticeable bling on the finger.

On top of that, customers can enjoy a S$300 discount for every purchase of 0.9 carat and above off your diamond purchase here at Star Carat. This must-grab deal is only available through our virtual appointment with us!



Whilst it is important to maintain vigilance at all times – good personal hygiene too – you don’t have to strip all forms of happiness and enthusiasm derived from your activities. You can still have a semblance of excitement for an upcoming event, be it a proposal, wedding or anniversary. Despite the challenging period of time, Star Carat is here for you with our online concierge service to continue serving your needs while you #StayHome!

Book your virtual appointment at Star Carat and consult with our jewellery consultant easily – it’s just a click away.