6 Romantic Places You Can Present the Diamond Ring to Her

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Congratulations on making up your mind to propose to your dream girl. The problem is that you have no idea how to set up the proposal or make it memorable for the both of you.

After all, your proposal is a significant milestone that will last a lifetime, so you should never take it lightly. The details of your proposal could be the decisive factor of whether she says yes, since the effort put into the proposal shows how much you care about her.

On top of getting a brilliant engagement ring in Singapore, there are a couple of details to consider as well. One of them would be the location since it can make or break the romantic mood you hope to create. Nothing beats sweeping her off her feet in a lovely atmosphere to make her feel like a princess straight out of a fairy-tale.

While the ideal location is still dependent on what your future spouse likes, there is a general agreement on the most meaningful sites you can propose to her. Here are some places to fall back on if you are stuck.

Where you first met

This is one of the most romantic locations to pop the question because it brings your relationship full circle. Whether you were aware of it or not at that time, your love story started the moment you first laid eyes on each other.

This place will be great to commemorate the moment they entered your life by asking them to be your spouse. Make use of the details from that day to replicate your memory of your first meeting, whether it was at your workplace, during a party, or even just crossing paths on a stroll in the park.

Where you first said “I love you”

While the two of you probably said, “I love you” countless times, what matters is the first time you shared those three little words. This is because it marks a significant change in your relationship and affirms your commitment to her.

Return to the scene where you decided to wear your heart on your sleeve and take the next huge step. As a call-back to the first upgrade of your relationship, ask them to marry you at this spot that held meaning to both of you.

Her favourite dating spot

One of the best places to propose would be her favourite dating spot. It also holds meaning because you are taking her taste into account.

Whether her favourite type of date is a dinner at a restaurant, going to the movies at the theatre, or even just standing in the streets of Orchard Road, popping the question to her at that spot would tell her she means a lot to you.

If you want your proposal to be a real surprise, this will be one of the best options as well. It’s doubly so if it’s a spot that you both regularly visit. She would think it’s just another date and would never expect it to be the place you ask for her to spend the rest of her life with you.

Where your significant other spent her childhood

For all of us, including her, one of the most heartfelt memories made is from our childhood. If you want to go back in time with her and recreate her fond memories, you could choose a spot where you knew she spent her childhood.

It could be anything, such as a playground she often visited, her childhood home, or where she spent holidays with relatives, such as grandparents.

While you may not be a huge part of her childhood, it is still part of her foundation and helped make the person she is today. It’s a great location to start your future together.

Your first home together

If you both live together, it also opens another option. A lot of people say that home is where the heart is, and this will apply to your first home together. While this place may not seem ideal at first glance because it’s where you go every day, it comes with many intimate memories that the two of you have made together.

The best part is proposing at home makes your surroundings customisable, meaning there are lots of fun ways to put your love on display. Some examples of setting a special mood may include decorations such as flowers, balloons, candles, and photos.

Proposing outdoors

If your dates usually include outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking and camping, you should consider a natural environment to propose. Mother Nature has tons of options for you to make her area romantic enough for pop the question.

Plus, when planning a proposal in nature, it eliminates the stress of some of the other details. For example, you do not have to worry about planning or paying for any decorations, because the beautiful scenery makes an ideal romantic backdrop already.

Moreover, you wouldn’t have to stress about how you’ll make the perfect moment, because it’s easy to weave it into something the two of you do together.

Complete your proposal with the ideal ring

Once you’ve got the location nailed down, it’s time to choose the ring for the proposal. At Star Carat, we are here to make your proposal plans come to fruition. Our lab-grown diamonds are IGI-certified and awarded the Type llA category, a class reserved for the top 2% of the global production of diamonds.

Start off your planning process by utilising our Ring Size guide and browse our online shop for our immense and mesmerising collection of diamond engagement rings for women in Singapore. Alternatively, if you are unsure of what she would want, you can consult our hospitable diamond experts by booking an appointment today!