5 Signs You Are Ready To Pop The Question & What To Do Next

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Lately, you have been feeling conflicted. You may think you are ready to pop the question with that classic diamond ring you bought. However, at times, the slightest shred of doubt seems to seep into your head. They make you question if you are ready for a proposal.

Do not fret as questioning yourself if you are ready for commitment is normal. Most people take this time to figure out precisely what they are looking for in their relationship.

If you are looking for some tell-tale signs of a proposal, and eventually – marriage – is on the table, here are a few things you can look out for to give you the clarity and confidence that you are ready.

1. You are planning for the future while thinking of your partner

One clear sign that shows you are ready for a proposal is when you are constantly thinking of the future with your partner. One example is having your partner’s dream room in mind when sourcing for a new home. If your goal is to travel the world, you find yourself thinking of the tourist destinations you will love to visit with her.

If you find yourself naturally including your partner into your plans for the future, this is a sign that indicates you are completely comfortable with spending the rest of your life together with her. Most importantly, you want to create new, loving memories and cross off any milestones with her by your side.

2. You do not hide anything from each other.

Here is the thing: relationship is all about trust. In a relationship, everything you keep to yourself should be honestly communicated to your partner.

If both of you do not keep any secrets from each other, this indicates that you are ready to propose. This means that both parties are comfortable sharing their thoughts without any fear of judgement. It also means you have accepted each other wholeheartedly, including each other’s past mistakes and flaws.

3. Disagreements do not ruin the relationship

One of the fundamentals of a healthy relationship is good communication. Having fights is inevitable in a relationship because there is bound to be some disagreements.

However, the crucial thing in this situation is to keep your cool and work something out together. If you can disagree and settle arguments maturely, you are ready to propose.

4. You never fight over your finances

If you have considered spending the rest of your lives together, there are bound to be discussions regarding your finances. If you have noticed that you and your partner are on the same page in terms of your spending and saving habits, then it’s a sure hint that you are ready to pop the question.

Should you find that you and your partner clash a lot when it comes to finances, it can be a huge deal-breaker. This should be addressed if you are planning for marriage.

5. There are no setbacks that you can’t overcome together

The thing is, if you are planning to stay together until death do you part, it will bring on a whole slew of problems and obstacles, no matter how fantastic or healthy the relationship is. Ultimately, life is always somehow able to throw curve balls that can daunt any couple.

Here is the question: Do you think that you can overcome any problem or obstacle hand-in-hand? If your answer is a resolute “yes”, then you are ready for marriage.

Starting the next chapter of a love story

Once your significant other says “yes”, do let the engagement sink in for a few days before you start to plan the wedding. Do not rush into the wedding planning process just yet; savour the special moment between you and your significant other.

Take it one step at a time since you now have the rest of your life to create a wonderful, fulfilling life together. At Star Carat Shop, we wish to be part of the milestone you will be sharing with your romantic partner!

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