5 Luxe Halo Engagement Rings to Dream About This Christmas

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Decorating the tree, setting up the fairy lights and jamming to nostalgic carols – there’s nothing quite like the Christmas season! And when it comes to the time-honoured tradition of gift-giving, there is perhaps no other treasured gift better than diamonds.

Whether you’re treating yourself for making it through the months or you wish to end the year on a high with a proposal, there’s no better feeling than to celebrate Christmas with a shimmering twinkle a diamond ring brings to a hand.

At Star Carat Shop, we have a soft spot for halo rings – all the brilliance and sparkle that both the centre diamond and pave diamonds offer is simply too hard to resist! Celebrate the festivities with the gift of diamonds, starting with our top 5 luxe halo engagement rings that will have you swooning.

1. Star Carat Elegant Halo Ring

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Give the traditional diamond solitaire a little more bling and what do you get? Characterised by its halo setting, the Star Carat Elegant Halo Ring features a 1.01 carat centre diamond encircled by 16 pave diamonds. Moreover, the centre round diamond boasts an ideal cut and VS2 in clarity, making this ring truly spectacular. Steal the show with this gorgeous ring on your finger!

2. Star Carat Resplendent Diamond Ring

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Take it up a notch and add even more diamonds for a more glamourous look! Presenting our Star Carat Resplendent Diamond Ring; an elegant diamond solitaire set in rows of dazzling rows of pave diamonds. With 43 diamonds in total, you’re definitely not short on sparkle.

3. Star Carat Classic Halo Diamond Ring

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Feast your eyes on our Star Carat Classic Halo Diamond Ring! Similar to the previous ring design, this solitaire set in a halo setting paved with 2 rows of accent diamonds. With a total of 47 diamonds, the total carat weight amounts to 1.22 carat. The diamonds have a clarity grade of VS-SI and colour grade of I-J, radiating a scintillating beauty that is befitting of royalty.

4. Star Carat Iridescent Diamond Ring

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As the name suggests, our Star Carat Iridescent Diamond Ring is truly iridescent. With an elegant wave of pave diamond setting in 18K white gold, it makes an exquisite statement – one that hints at how your love always flows. Aside from being 1.03 carat, the centre diamond also scores a J colour grade and an SI1 clarity grade. If you wish to sport a ring that balances opulence and elegance, then this is definitely the one.

5. Star Carat Classic Cushion Diamond Ring

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Perhaps you’re one who prefers a more angular shape as opposed to a round one – then Star Carat Classic Cushion Diamond Ring could possibly be the ring to tickle your fancy. Paved by a square halo cushion setting with a 0.71 carat diamond-studded centre, it offers you a fancy twist that is unlike most halo rings in the market. Moreover, this ring features a whopping 53 diamonds in total, making it the ultimate ring to propose with.

This holiday season, add a little razzle-dazzle to the timeless and traditional with a fancy halo setting and pave diamonds. At Star Carat Shop, we carry an extensive range of designs of IGI-certified lab grown diamonds that also belong in the Type IIA category – reserved for only the world’s top 2% diamonds with negligible impurities.

The best thing is – our lab grown diamonds cost 50% lesser than mined diamonds for the same carat size. Book an appointment with us to explore our diamond engagement rings for women and find your dream ring this festive season!