4 Ways To Show Your Love During This COVID-19 Pandemic

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Due to the global pandemic, many of our plans have been put to a temporary halt. With the implemented Circuit Breaker measures in Singapore, not only are we told to stay home and maintain social distancing, but non-essential businesses have also temporarily ceased all physical operations.

Whilst this may be a big hurdle to pass, don’t let the pandemic spoil your celebrations! Whether it’d be to celebrate events like birthdays and anniversaries, or to simply express your affection and appreciation, you can still celebrate and share your love through the generosity of gifts – despite being physically apart! Find some gifting ideas and inspiration in the following tips below.

1. Virtual Celebration

Whilst it may not be as ideal as a physical gathering with your loved ones, a virtual celebration still lets you connect with them whilst still maintaining a safe distance. After all, it’s the time that you put into with them that matters.

Book a day to invite all your family or friends to a Zoom hang out and celebrate the special occasion! You can prepare games or fun trivia to get the mood going. In fact, many have started doing 5 minutes presentations about the most entertaining and sometimes, obscure topics such as the ranking of Disney princesses. Known as Powerpoint parties, they make great conversational starters that give you an avenue to talk about a broad range of topics unrelated to the global pandemic.

Celebrations can still happen whilst you’re still apart. A couple whose wedding was cancelled due to Covid-19 had a pleasant surprise when their friends hosted a virtual wedding for them on the popular Nintendo game, Animal Crossing. Despite the physical distance, they are still able to prove their love with closest ones and have fun doing so. But for some couples, they plan out activities for date nights and dress-up dinners over Zoom while enjoying their meal by candlelight. Don’t be afraid to get creative as you seek ways to bond with your loved ones.

2. Tap On The Convenience Of Delivery

Show your loved ones that you care by sending them a care package with their favourite treats – whether for birthdays, anniversaries or just simple because! It is a good opportunity to pamper your significant other.

You can play meal roulette and order meals for your partner without letting them know what they are. It makes for a fun surprise that your other half is bound to appreciate the gesture! It also helps to spice up your relationship even if you’re physically apart.

3. Make It Personal

Of course, nothing shows sincerity better than having you spend the time and effort to create a gift for your loved one! Whether it’d be as thoughtful as a handwritten card, a personalised photobook, or a homemade full-course meal, this lets you showcase your care and affection to them. The amount of love and sincerity poured into your actions will make them feel much appreciated.

4. Gifting Jewellery

As the adage goes, distance makes the heart grow fonder. Gifting your loved ones, whether it’d be during the Circuit Breaker measures or post-coronavirus, packaging your I Miss You’s in a tangible object is bound to make the heart of your loved one flutter.

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Due to the physical limitations, keeping your bond and relationship strong become even more prevalent. Letting your loved one know that they’re on your mind carries an extra weight, even more so than before. What better way to show your appreciation and love than with a splendid gift? Our Star Carat Classic Bloom Diamond earrings exude a subtle yet poignant elegance and sophistication, which makes them a great piece to accompany other jewellery items.

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Necklaces have been an excellent gift as not only does it decorate and accentuate the clavicle, it’s a jewellery piece that is placed closest to the heart. Our Star Carat Classic 4 Prong Diamond Pendant features a brilliant diamond set on a white gold 4-prong setting. Its simple design allows it to be a flexible accessory, so your loved one can wear this diamond necklace everywhere they go.


Joyous moments are meant to be celebrated and remembered, and you can still work your way around your limitations during such unprecedented times.

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