4 Ways To Figure Out The Perfect Ring Without Asking

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As the timeless symbol of your undying love, choosing a proposal ring for your partner holds more significance than you realise. From seeking out the dreamiest diamond ring shape to crafting the details that will speak to her heart, the sparkler must be a perfect match for your soon-to-be fiancée.

Now that your proposal plans are underway, your quest of searching for a classic diamond ring has begun, and the pressure is on you to keep it a surprise! Especially if your girlfriend has a romantic streak, the idea of catching her off guard and getting down on one knee to reveal a sparkly ring is a memory she will treasure for life.

But if you are experiencing ring-hunting woes and are stumped on selecting amongst the vast array of solitaire engagement ring designs to impress your other half with, we are here to help. Hopefully, this guide will provide valuable insight to attaining the diamond of her dreams and astound her with a proposal of a lifetime!

Pay close attention to her style

With an extensive range of diamond proposal rings in Singapore, getting caught up in the most trendy designs is easy. Before you set your heart on a specific ring, take its craftsmanship and style into consideration. Is the engagement ring’s design compatible with your partner’s lifestyle and personality? And does the cut of the gem accentuate her beauty?

For example, jewellery adorned with embellishments may not suit a woman who regularly works with her hands. On the other hand, if she is always decked in the latest fashion trends, a popular ring design touted by celebrities could be ideal for her.

As such, paying attention to her preference towards fine jewellery – think colour, shape, and size – and what she usually wears will give you a headstart into securing the right ring. All these factors provide insight into her tastes, and an expert jeweller will also be able to help you convey her style into a dazzling ring if you are unsure.

Seek advice from the women closest to her

Pulling off a secret proposal is no easy feat, and you need all the help you can get to ensure everything goes off without a hitch – sourcing the perfect ring included! So, rope in the ladies who are closest to your fiancée-to-be: her mum, sister, or best girl pal.

Chances are, your other half has confided in them her desires for a diamond ring, and they can offer you practical advice in procuring the ultimate gem. Women are skilled at narrowing down the most exquisite styles, especially if they know the person well.

Perhaps, you can enlist her mum or one of her female friends to scout for ideal engagement rings in Singapore together with you. However, do request that your proposal plans be kept confidential before consulting them on their expert opinions.

Browse through her online mood boards

If you and your partner have previously had a conversation about marriage, she is likely to have created online mood boards on her dream proposal! After all, women enjoy composing digital lookbooks on social media platforms, putting together a collection of posts and pictures that they love. So, why not browse through her social media pages or Pinterest account for clues on the ring styles she has envisioned?

If multiple diamond ring designs have made it onto her feed, take note of the common features between them. Consider these factors: are the rings similar in cut or a specific style? What designs does she tend to gravitate towards?

However, if she has hundreds of designs pinned, it means that she has not found her dream ring yet. In that case, you should scroll through the list of rings that she is fond of and pick one you believe suits her best. Trust your instincts that the design which has caught your eye is one your significant other will swoon over for!

Capitalise on her obsession with celebrities

Every woman has celebrity girl crushes whom they admire dearly, and your girlfriend is no exception. These are prominent figures that lead a luxurious lifestyle most are envious of and are often sources of fashion inspiration. If your partner has repeatedly brought up a personality that she has taken an interest in, she may be influenced by the celebrity’s style and liking.

Plus, if the star that your significant other admires has previously thrown a wedding, spending time to research the details of their prior engagement is essential. They may have chosen a beautiful diamond ring design she will love, which will help you pick a piece of suitable proposal jewellery.

Ask for her hand with a sparkling diamond ring from Star Carat

As you begin your search for a sacred diamond ring befitting your girlfriend’s style, keeping these tips in mind aids you in choosing one that celebrates your romance wonderfully. Kickstart your love story as you select an alluring proposal ring crafted with dazzling lab-grown diamonds!

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